The odds of summoning 4* or 5*

I understand the summons are random…however I have spent plenty of money on summons to only get 3* heros!! I am NOT the only player who gets frustrated with getting junk during a summon!!! This has to get better in reference to how “random” the summons are or I will find a new game NOT smallgiant game! I will find a new game where the company/sponser/creater or someone who appreciates the money that is being spent!!! I will uninstall if this issue is not corrected!!

Good luck on your new game.


The odds are posted. If you don’t like them, don’t spend money

I think they do appreciate the money being spent, they made over 100 million last year lol

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They appreciate the money. Less chance at getting something good = more tries = more money. As others said, the odds are posted - everyone gets 3* the majority of the time.

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