The odds for getting special hero for my account = 0 % anyone else?

Hi guys, I saw some player who get two 5* hero of season 3 and some from season 2 just with 10 summons or maximum 30 summons. I am playing 8 months and I summons more than many players and nothing, imagine I summon as much as getting 9 hotm and not any special 5* hero, if there is not tc level 20 I had just hotm .
What is wrong? As I suggested before we are not from rich countries and should game consider that now I should say just need the odds be same.
Poof during these 2 days I did many summons and just get 3 * hero of season 3. I am as much as angry that use all of them for level up without even looking at their states.
Please for those player who never gonna get good hero choose a sitting to not get this useless repetitive 3* hero. I rather to not get any and see empty box when summon instead of seeing always some 3* hero.


I am with you. Just yesterday I spend 25 save coins and no 5 star hero. I think that they have to do something like the more you pull the more odds you have to summon a 5 star hero. I am reaching the point where I will not have any hero to work on. And on top of that I have to see how people for my alliance summon legendary heroes with a simple coin. I am C2P and soon F2P because I do not want to waste my money for nothing, I can not burn money as other people in this game


I’m in same situation. I feel like my account is unlucky. This month I spent beyond my budget and all I got is 3 Reuben. I don’t have single S3 legendary hero till now even after spending a lot in every Valhalla event. Planning to only buy POV from next year instead of wasting money.


Isn’t HotM special hero?

Do the math, the chance of getting 5* is 2.5%+1.3%. The expected frequency for 25 pulls is 0.95 so it is normal not to get even 1.

It is not unlucky account, just unlucky draw. In my first 6 months, I didn’t even get any 5*.

Had I believe there is such thing such as unlucky account, I would have throw away my account after 6 months.

In 1.6 years afterwards, I get 17× 5* from 357 summons, 11 of them are special heroes (4 HotMs included). I also get 29 5* from TC20.


Unlucky draw? Everytime ? From March this year to till dec 2020 not even single S3 legendary? Every month 20-30 pulls in Valhalla ! I received my first hotm in July 2019 (seshat) after playing 6 months. This year I got almost all hotm ( I didn’t had this pblm 6 month back because hotm’s were special hero’s). After telluria issue most of the recent hotm’s are not really good. It’s like I have unlucky pulls in every new event that makes me think my account is unlucky.


Well i’ve been playing for 2 years now. I have zero s3 5*. I did receive 1 s2 5* which is Tarlak, but in return, i did not get wilbur and proteus, 2 of the most useful 4* in the game.

My costumed hero pull is equally bad, with 1 c.lianna ( can’t complained because she is great). I don’t have any challenge heroes 5* (i really want finley). So far i have 4 hotm. 3 of them when they are featured (grazul, Zocc, and Bai Yeong), and one from atlantis (returning Hotm Gravemaker).

I got my 1st 5* after 5 month playing, and the majority of my 5* comes from tc20.

The reason i’m telling you this is because i think you compare yourself with the luckiest persons only and not the majority of the player here. All the lucky dude will be happy to post their achievement here and everywhere, while the not so lucky one (maybe 80% of the players) just keep silent about their bad luck. So its become normal that in the forum there are more success story than the not so good one.

With 9 HotM this year, i think you still have a better luck than half of us here (better than me for sure). Its true that spending some money and did not get any good hero is very dissapointing. But hey, its a marathon not a sprint. Who knows tomorrow you can get 3 5* from a single 10 pulls :grin:


For VERY VERY VERY VERY (and etc) low odds in this game like 0.1% - 1.3% it’s OK. Low odds + high price = game’s dead. It’s what we see now. My advice - not spend money in this game


I got almost nothing whole year, only ‘special’ 5* I got whole year excluding december were 2 purple healers Marie-Therese and Zulag and I spent about 20€ each month. Yeah just 1 current Hotm the whole year from a few hundred pulls total.
But december was something else. Only thing I bought this month was the cheap 3,49€ VIP deal and I got Onatel from coin pull at Atlantis, then Horghall costume, my first 5* costume, from 2nd or 3rd key pull and my first HA10 retraning was Azlar retrained into Athena. It’s called RNG. The odds are very low, but they are there.
I admit I still have 0 s3 5*, but I did 1 10x total + single pulls on Valhalla, so I didn’t expect any 5*. It’s better not to expect anything.


Yes I wish to get atleast 1 5 star from 30 pulls atleast. Hotm is like monthly if I do atleast 40+ pulls there is higher chance of getting them. With release of new powerful S3 hero’s, ninja hero’s it’s tough compete with my mediocre hotm’s. I feel that game is more of pay to play now a days.


I saved some pulls for Valhalla, got Elena :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:. Classic EP.


It was always in this way. Nothing new. Just it more clear now with that all new OP heroes

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Total agree with you but C2P and F2P had a chance to get good hotm before to make a defence teams but now a days they are releasing mediocre hotm.


Some pulls? :slight_smile:
80000 gems for getting Lord Loki

Of course you can get it with 1-2 pulls but absolute most of players will get it only with 50000+ gems or don’t get it. Odds for special 5* heroes in this game VERY low

After release of ninja’s, S3 heroes (S4 heroes soon), Finley, Killhare and etc most of HOTM mediocre now

That’s probably because of the Telluria/Vela debacle. New hotms are nothing extra so I don’t really care that I’m not getting any. Past hotms are nicer.

It has always been p2p/p2w oriented. It’s just there are more kinds of too strong/maybe a bit OP heroes hidden behind paywall, than it was in the past.


Yes exactly my points. They really need to fix it. They can’t release all mediocre hotm. There is no balance in game.

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In my opinion this game cannot be fixed in current state. One, max 2 years and it’s all. All what they can do (and actively do it) - releasing more and more OP heroes to get more money


Game was good when it was just a board game but now it’s based on the hero’s we have. Even with good board sometimes to it’s tough to win against those powerful hero’s like frigg, Odin, Finley

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After Zynga this game not about RNG anymore - money and low odds only. I am playing more than 3 years and plan to leave this game after S3 completing



10 months × 25 pulls = 250 pulls

Valhalla hero odds = 1.5%

Expected frequency = 1.5% × 250 = 3.75 heroes

Chance to get 0 S3 heroes = (100%-1.5%)^250 = 2.28%

2.28% is entirely possible, in fact more possible than getting a S3 5* in a singe pull, you are just unlucky.

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