The Odds Aren't Really Good Enough to Try Very Hard


Casino is a good analogy. I even think of supermarket (for groceries) and department stores (for shopping). How many times people end up spending more than they planned when going to those places. That’s the paradox of choices. You can never satisfy with what you already have and will keep looking for more.

Congrats on your Boldtusk… I don’t know when you will start dreaming about another one though. :smiley:


I completely agree with your position


Thank you for your input. I always appreciate your intelligent posts on this forum.


You’re very nice :blush: But as I said, it’s pure speculation, although I’m developer myself, I can’t say what algorithm they use to generate random numbers.


That’s why they say “Don’t go shopping at the Supermarket when you’re hungry.” I think the research showed you will buy 30% more than usual, if you are hungry.

If I go to a Summon Gate, hungry for x hero, desperate to “win” them, I may spend more than I might normally.

So I am on an iTunes card diet. I can’t spend more than what’s on the card ($15, $20, $25). When it runs out, that’s it. I’d best get some good gem deals for my cash, and then spend/spin wisely from there, KNOWING that RNG is involved. :wink:


Two things:

  1. If we can agree that there are trolls out there who say that they pulled so and so (Guinevere or whoever) on their second pull when it didn’t actually happen, can’t we agree there are also trolls that inflate the amount of money they spend to make their case seem that much more miserable when they whine about it on the forum? Despicable and immature but absolutely within the realm of possibility.

  2. Spending money on this game is like spending money on a dinner out or a movie. What tangible result do you have after doing that? A memory or two of a nice meal, or how bad that movie was. Are the memories generated by enjoying playing with your new heroes any less valid?

(Devils advocate: Personally, I would answer the final question above with a yes—time spent with friends and loved ones face to face and the resultant memories are ALWAYS better than those created by playing a game, even one like Fallout 2. My kids won’t remember the time they spent playing Geometry Dash—but they remember every moment of the trip to Utah we took last year, or the 2-day screenless camping trip we took a few months later. But we aren’t everybody.)




Nope, Fallout 2 memories are above all :wink:


Speaking from my own experience, while I have invested little in the game apart from low cost specials and extra builders, I shared the thought that the odds of getting decent 5 stars were minuscule and was not myself willing to punch out the coin to purchase a 10 pack of epic hero tokens.

I have found that with patience the hero tokens you earn for rewards eventually luck out for you, and also that training camps sporadically (1 5 star for every 10 3 star hero; maybe 1 or 2 4 star heroes …

I’ve given up trying to get specific heroes that would be my favorites and appreciate the challenge to work with what I have and discover different combinations to use the ones I have for Titan battles etc.

Looking forward to season two and hanging onto the epic tokens I have now to try to grab some of the new heroes.

Good luck everyone