The Obi-One Kenobis: 5000+ TP defense, 13-14* titans, casual chat

Hi! We’re a laid-back group of international players who still like to flex in wars, vs titans, and suchlike.

  • English speaking! Language set to Suomi so we all have fewer asterisks in our lives.

  • Wars are optional, but as usual you need to use all flags when opted-in! Currently purple tanks (potentially open to discussion, given enough lead time for folks!): no requirement for particular hero. Target lowest third or so of opponents for first twelve hours, then free-for-all.

  • Titans: 13-14*. We chain 13s, and most 14s when we have a full complement of members (occasionally skipping non-Rare yellow 14s).

  • Line available but not required; main chat and discussion in-game. Good communication is key: be ready to keep half an eye on chat (but especially alliance banner!), and if you might need to be away from the game for a bit, please just let us know!

Currently have two spots open! Feel free to respond here or apply in-game, and good hunting!


Great team :slight_smile: do you still have spots open?

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Spots still available, inquire within :slight_smile:


How many alliance members purchase the summer solstice and Black Friday gems?

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checks A bit over half have bought at least one set of gems-plus-to-share, which is not at all shabby given that we have a broad mix of spending habits from F2P through C2P (mostly PoV/VIP-type spending) through “occasional offers and pulls” purchasers to folks who (at least occasionally successfully) chase featured heroes at portals.

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Not bad. Sounds like a generous alliance. I hope you have a lot of good players too

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How do they do in war?

Fresh off a win in our last war and a pretty long chain of 13* titans. Still spots available — and with a little extra oomph from new members, we’d probably head back to running (at least some!) 14s as well!

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Bump and update: we’ve still got room — for two now, individually or together. Check us out as we brace for a new incoming dual Paths of Doom :crazy_face:


I highly suggest joining up with this band of merry misfits. I enjoyed my time there but I became lazy and barely load the game now. Just like the old dos equis man said “I don’t always pick the right team, but when I do I choose the obi-one kenobis”.

Not sure he said it exactly like that but I think I’m close enough on the translation.


Thanks again @Dickens :slight_smile:

We’re fresh off an Arrows defensive war win and still looking for 2 interested folks as we head into a fresh set of Paths of Madness! :crazy_face:

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Still need new members?

Still two slots available for anyone interested!

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Good luck with war today. I hope you win

Thanks and indeed — and fresh off a war win and a war chest, means it’s a better time than ever to consider joining us: help fill that war chest and max out yer loot!

I’m going to have some free-ish time coming up so if you need a warm body for some titan hitting just let me know. I can field a semi-decent team for wars if needed:

I’ll try to hop on at least once a day but I might be a morning one day and night of the following day.

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Hi @Dickens ! We’re currently at 30 folks… but the way things change, it’s entirely possible we may have an opening in the near future, and I’ll shoot you a message as soon as we do!

Sounds like a plan. I’m in no hurry so just throw a message here if/when you need a body

Hi @Dickens! If you are still interested, we have space now and would enjoy having you back :slight_smile:

Okie dokie. I’ll load up game now and hop back in.