The Obi-One Kenobis - 4800+ def, Purple tanks, 13* titans with 50k minimum & easygoing teammates

2 spots left to fill us up. Getting back to 13* in next day or 2. We do cap at 13* as it’s a waste to chain 14s for the miniscule % increase for 4* mats while you waste even more battle items.

We even won the last 2 vfast/garbage modifier wars which gets us closer to the tall boots & scabard war chest loot!!!

Search us out in the game with the info in the top message and you too can join the fun and exciting journey to trash loot!

Looking for 1 more victim…err player to join our merry band of weirdos currently led by me…for some reason :frowning:

Easy going, no line or discord requirements, a game chat where i make weird commentary like everyone ready to beat some meat…titan meat.

I’m rude, crude and generally a sarcastic bag but thats what makes the doldrums of e&p alot of fun on our team.

If you want that tall boots and scabard loot we are your ideal team! Join us now for plenty of trash loot and even trashier talk about the game we love to hate-play!

Search us out in game with the pic info and help us give the titan a wet willy.

Joined OoKs 3 weeks ago: it’s as advertised. Chill, hit titan, use flags, weird chat. Join us!

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We have 3 spots open with a recent retirement so join the fun…or at least whatever you call playing this game such as hate-playing, frustrating forced fun, severly disappointing summons time-sucker, land of laughingly ludicrious loot, etc.

Get the info off the 1st message, search us out, & join us in the loading, tapping and yelling enjoyment of e&p.

Just swung around to say I like your alliance name lol

Ook I’m off now


Have 2 spots open. Start the game, search us out, join the team and combine your powers to improve our hate-playing of this addictive combining of colored pieces to make matches against OP’d opponents that you will lose to in 3 moves.

Just 1 spot open so join up and give us a full boat.

Got 2 spots open now as we don’t like people leaving 6 flags in a war after being online 3 hours before war ends.

If you do that go find someone else to hold your hand on playing the game.

If you can actually use war flags and hit the titan by reading the banner for info then you might just be ideal for us.

Search us out in-game, join up and have an easy-going game experience where we don’t complain about bad loot or a 10 pull with 2 dawas, 3 tucks, 2 renfelds, berden, gunnar and belith…we expect it!

Had some retirements this week so we have 5 openings atm. Wavering between 12* & 13* titans and simple war strategy - kill everything!

Search us out in game, join the fun and hate play with us until breakin 2 - electric boogaloo is released. We can all watch the game sink like the titanic. I’ll supply the e&p version of lifeboats - witty banter and awful commentary and maybe someone can sing like celine dion while the s.s. e&p slowly sinks!

If you believe that laughter would be the best medicine if it weren’t for sarcasm, join us over at Obi-One Kenobis. (My name is BobTheSnark and I endorse this message :wink: )

Have 5 openings currently. We are all just chilling, waiting for the alpha effect to simmer down while we think of new sarcastic remarks to describe this game and SG.

We are playing around between 12/13* titans, have relaxed war rules and i have scored lowest on our team last 2 wars! Join now and maybe you can knock me from being captain of the war suckage score ship.

Info in 1st post so search us out in game, join up and have fun, or just hate-play the game like me.

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