The Obi-One Kenobis - 4800+ def, Purple tanks, 13* titans with 50k minimum & easygoing teammates

We are a laid back and usually quiet group who all know the requirements expected of us.

4800+ defense using purple tanks. No particular hero required for the tank, just whatever you got on your roster.

We hit all 13* titans and there is a 50k minimum on titans we don’t pass. We do hit the ocassional 14* as well.

Wars are standard fare. Use all flags and we hit all targets under a certain TP set in the banner message. After 12 hours it is FFA. We prefer you clean your own mess but understand not wasting a 4800+ team on 2 heroes left. We vary on TP so we have people who prefer to clean a few times every war and are ideal for that situation.

Line or discord are not required but we do have both available for people.

We do demote on missed titans & flags unless told ahead of time. Multiple misses is a swift kick to the nards (and from the team).

Just bumping. Still 1 spot open.

Bumping to fill our last spot.

We have a spot back open now if someone needs a warm place to stay for the winter.

Had to boot a member after war so we have 2 spots currently open.

Hi Dickens! I am looking for an alliance that doesn’t have drama but ensures that all team members hit the titan and use war flags. I like my current alliance but the titan and war flag rules are not enforced :frowning:

I’m active in game several times a day. I’m level 69 with a defense team of 4996 and am always open to learning more about how best to play the game.

You seem like a good fit for our team. You can search the in-game alliances for our name as shown in the initial post. Everyone on thebteam can accept you so just request to join mentioning the forum post and you should be good to go.

If you have any questions feel free to ask and thanks for the inquiry.

Have 1 spot open to fill us up. Hop in after the mythic and give us a try.

Have 1 spot back open after a semi-retirement. Easy going laid back group of people who obsessively hate play the game like any longterm player does.

Bumping to find that last victim…errr…player to give us a full house. Team info in top post.

Have a 2nd spot open after a boot to the nards for unused war flags.

Easy going, cap at 13* and simple war strategy. Check 1st post for more details.

Bumping for the 2 spots we have open. Quiet, easygoing, a we all know our roles and don’t need babysitting group. 4800+ def recommended. Hovering around the top 1k range even with capping at 13*.

Check top post for more details.

Bumping to fill a few spots. Good time to join as we are starting new pov at 12*. Easygoing group with no drama or problems aside from the ocassional member incarceration. I don’t suggest war flag usage from jail though :slight_smile:

Hit the 1st message for more detailed info.

Interested, do you have 2 spots atm? I can promise 2 very strong and dedicated players……

Yes we have 2 spots open. Just request to join the team and mention the forum post and someone will let you in.

3 spots open. A great time to hop in before war starts and with the start of new pov as well.

Had to kick a no war flags used player so we have 4 spots open. Working between 12 & 13* titans with an easy going group of players. Check 1st message for more details or search for us in game and request to join.

Back to 4 spots open. Capping at 12* for now. Easy going group with no line or discord requirements. Game chat & banner cover it all. 4800+ def, purple tanks and no drama. Hit the titan & use war flags is all we care about.

Hit the 1st message for the team details and request to join as your leisure.

Looling for 3 to fill us up. Capping at 12* until last 3 spots are filled. Easygoing group with no line or discord requirements.

Hop in, beat some titan meat and wave your war flag proudly.

3 open spots still. Our team is eazy peezy lemon squeezy on rules and participation. Hit the titan & use all war flags. No crazy minimums on anything.

Hit it and forget it seems like a good way to describe us.

Check 1st message for the details.