The Obi-One Kenobis - 4800+ def, Purple tanks, 13* titans & easygoing teammates

We are a laid back and usually quiet group who all know the requirements expected of us.

4800+ defense using purple tanks. No particular hero required for the tank, just whatever you got on your roster.

We hit all 13* titans and there is a 50k minimum on titans we don’t pass. We do hit the ocassional 14* as well.

Wars are standard fare. Use all flags and we hit all targets under a certain TP set in the banner message. After 12 hours it is FFA. We prefer you clean your own mess but understand not wasting a 4800+ team on 2 heroes left. We vary on TP so we have people who prefer to clean a few times every war and are ideal for that situation.

Line or discord are not required but we do have both available for people.

We do demote on missed titans & flags unless told ahead of time. Multiple misses is a swift kick to the nards (and from the team).

Got 2 spots open for any interested people.

Bump bump bump.

2 spots open still.

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I’m interested! Would be nice to be part of good and active team.

Sounds great. If you have line or discord you can contact


Or feel free to hop in the game and join the team.

It says I need invitation

If you are referring to line or discord just search for user wabbit57 then she can add you to the group. The team itself is by searching for the team via the alliances search function tab then just apply to join. The other members are all able to accept a new person so the time between application and acceptance should be quick.

I need that 4digit number after that nick to find her at discord.

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My bad. It is #0168.