The number of players coming into this game must have really dropped off

The number of players coming into this game must have really dropped off…

It was pretty easy to go into AR chat or General and find a noob looking for help learning the game. I could spend very little time and get a new recruit, by simply posting that we helped new players.

It didn’t take much effort. Now I can spend weeks in global and not get a new player.

It concerns me that the game is loosing its liquidity. It needs new players.

I have a training alliance that feeds our main alliance, but with out new players… Its slim pickins recruiting anyways…

So is the game not attracting new players at the same rate as in the past?

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Unfortunately, I had to kick members out. The free places were quickly filled again. So problem? Let me think … :thinking: no.

Nope. With the mess it is in AR, even noobs are looking for other more organized means of looking for alliance wars like Facebook, Line and other platform found in the world wide web.

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Sorry I didn’t fully understand your sarcasm… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Ive posted on reddit. LINE groups got great art but we did a poll in Elite Recruiting a while back to see if anyone actually got recruits from there…nope, none to speak of, and I got great art…lol

Just enough with all this negative posts about this game from people who knows nothing about gaming, the economics behind and how successful this game really is. I really admire SGG and moderators for not locking these threads and banning this kind of oblivious people. Get a grid people, SGG is a mobile gaming company worth c.USD1bn.

Why even bother? Dang! Angry much. Maybe the moderator should lock you out for your hate.

Maybe you missed the actual point of this question.


Um… Did we read the same OP message @ThunderFX ?


Back on topic…

I honestly don’t know? There are always people looking for new alliances and a number of people active in zombie alliances still - which to me is just craaazy. :woman_shrugging:.


I guess there’s a reason why they are the moderators.


To be completely fair here — any time spent locking posts and banning users is time better spent fixing the unintended (but self inflicted) wounds that lead folks to question the basic mechanics. The moment @Petri gets an extra 50+ hours a week — I’m sure he’ll jump right on this.

But there better be a summary. Rant threads are funny, memorable and make me seem like I know what I’m doing. (I don’t)

If anything — add an outhouse section for rants called “the cesspool” so those of us willIng to roll with the growing pains can block or binge … then use this forum for its intended purpose — mocking everything, teasing devs and friends, complaining about loot and trading cat memes.

I’m more concerned with the lack of quality sarcasm than a lack of fresh players. If ignoring another redundant portal gets us new content — well “yeehaw, that sure is a pretty collection of unneeded pixels — where’s the new event write up?”

Also: never take me too seriously… I breathe in snarky little whispers and quips.

As a long time Empires player, I wouldn’t want to start out as a brand new player today, especially not as f2p.

They keep adding more events, which means too much WE needed, and that’s if you could even finish. That’s just one thing that would greatly turn me off.


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