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For lack of having any valuable Sorcerers, I pushed Rumple to +18. As a result, I am wondering if he would be a good addition to my defense team since he is the highest talent blue I have. I still need to have a blue tank for wars, so I think my costume Richard should stay, but I am wondering if I can make a better raid defense.

I dont have a slam dunk defense or heroes that automatically go in a defense, so I am wondering if there are synergies I could play off of. The first team below is my normal raid defense. It holds me pretty well around 2550. The second is a proposal I threw together based on 5* positioning guide. I lose the Y/P coordination this way, but it gets everyone in a decent position based on the guide.

Does one of these work better than the other? Is there another option I should try based on the heroes I have?


My $0.02

Mother North → Zimkitha → Rumplestiltskin → Killhare → Rana

In emblems I would shift all the ones available onto Killhare (elena & any 4* hero)

Rumple can be a sneaky decent tank :wink: have run afoul of him a couple times by simply underestimating him… Plus at 18 emblems, not sure on the path you took, but he’s probably the strongest option available…


Interesting with Killhare. Is she that much better on Defense than Kage? I can see her highest attack if Zim fires first and Rumple happens to get Def down. Stripping emblems means giving up my +20 BT, is that the right move? As it stands, BT only gets used situationally in wars where I use a second red attack and 4* events/tournaments. Aside from the overall food/iron cost, it seems doable. I would really only miss him in a few tournaments and 4* challenges with red stack.

Agree with @Guvnor here, Rumple can be rather annoying as a tank. His poison is rather strong and his heal isn’t bad either, especially for average-speed card. Killhare isn’t bad tank either. Mother North on right wing as usual.

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Surprisingly, Richard has MUCH better def stats:
Rumple+18: 808 Att - 752 Def - 1507 Health
Richard+14 (costume bonus, but not applied): 756 Att - 893 Def - 1499 Health

I mainly went attack on both because I primarily want damage. Does seeing these stats just mean I should keep richard at tank?

MN Zim Richard Marj KH

IMO, yes… Her damage gets insane, especially if paired with Zimkitha’s attack buff… She basically does the same amount of SS% damage as Quintus but at Average Mana Speed…

Given your next sentence, I would 100% do so… Emblem what you use. If BT isn’t used, don’t emblem him.

you surely mean left wing… That way if they revive they can cast their SS in the same turn rather than waiting another turn.

No, I still think that Richard is an average tank. Rumple on the other hand is something of an unknown… Not many people have him & fewer still field him on defence. So players aren’t used to dealing with him & hence can completely underestimate him… Also, defence isn’t everything for a tank. Its A think but its not EVERYTHING… I honestly would be more dubious about facing a +18 Rumple than a +14 Richard… After all, its just richard.

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Yeah, I meant left wing … the one which fires first.

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