🥳 The New Year Summons Countdown Thread!

Nice on Vela! Well not sure how “useful” 2 are heh but hopefully it’s a sign of a lucky 2020 year for ya. :wink:

Used my 3 tokens… Dawa, Balth, Rudolph no. 3. So went with 10 pull. Meh. 3-stars except Grimm no. 3, Kelile no. 2, Wu Kong no. 2. Oh well, existing roster will get well fed I guess!


All dupes, sigh. At least my current levelling projects got a good meal?

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Used all my EHT and got vela but no santa
And just emptied almost all my trainer camps on her

Gonna ascend her in a while and try to get her to 80 by end of the day
TC20 was 130 days and 16 heroes to collect (ZERO 5*) now at 106 and zero heroes
TC2 was at 530 heroes
And cant remember the other 2 extra low cost but both combined around 50

Gonna finish trials to get trainer to help me level faster


No tokens left but burned one ten pull in hopes of MoNo but OhNo, just ten more feeders but I did get the lovely Vela


I had not gotten any Christmas heroes yet so I was waiting for the new year to burn my last couple EHT’s and do a 10 pull to try my luck one last time and maybe get Vela. No Vela, but my 10 pull had Sartana, Rudolph, Buddy, and Santa!!! I’m still in shock! Happy New Year everyone!


tl;dr — finally got Buddy! Plus more Rudolph’s to join my one from last year, and I got a second Joon…though he’s going to be waiting around for Darts for a long time, with 3-70 Leonidas ahead of him.

Some of the duplicate 4* might see the light of day, but they’re pushing it for my existing Roster.

Full Results (I did them in groups of 10):

  • Friar Tuck, Gunnar, Tyrum, Hu Tao, Brienne, Graymane, Rudolph, Sonya, Boril, Belith
  • Melendor, Kiril, Oberon, Jahangir, Kashhrek, Dawa, Wu Kong, Kailani, Belith, Rudolph
  • Kelile, Kailani, Azar, Gunnar, Hu Tao, Oberon, Karil, Boril, Carver, Bane
  • Joon, Nashgar, Rigard, Belith, Buddy, Isshtak, Wu Kong, Rigard, Hawkmoon, Jahangir
  • Sonya, Gunnar, Gan Ju, Brienne, Balthazar, Boril, Ulmer, Prisca, Melendor, Graymane
  • Rudolph, Hawkmoon, Berden

One account - 53 Pulls and Not a Single 5 star
Second account - 20 pulls, Vela only 5 star
Third account - 1 pull on a token - Vela
Rng at its finest


Got 1 Vela and dupes instead…


Had eleven tokens to pull for MN…

First token…

Got 3* dupes and Buddy too. Will have to wait for the next Xmas event for another chance to pull for MN. GL everyone else :smile:.


I only had two (hopefully win this war and get one or two more in war chest) and used 300 gems: Wu Kong (dupe), Kiril (dupe), Ishtakk (food)…

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After getting MN, my first 5* event hero for 30 months of playing as FTP, on 31st December,

I did 10 pulls with epic hero tokens today: Santa Claus, second MN and Buddy. I still can’t believe it!


I’m happy now :smile:


Only 7 pulls. MN was top of the want list but really didn’t expect anything so I’m happy this one. Didn’t have any Xmas heroes.


Saved 19 EHTs for Christmas. Could really use a legendary green (only color I’m missing a legedary) and MN would, of course, fill the bill. Could use a decent monk (obviously, Santa qualifies). Plus, my only legendary blue is Thorne, so Vela would be great.

Pulled no legendaries :cry:; epics were Kelile, Kiril, Caedmon, and Buddy (all at least the third dupe except Buddy, who is new); all rares were food (no Rudolph, and I don’t even have one). On the one hand, a massive disappointment to save EHTs for half the year and not even get one legendary out of them. On the other hand, Buddy was the hero I thought I realistically had a shot at that I really wanted, so win, I guess?

Still doing ~10-11 event pulls in Guardians (challenge coins) and probably 10-15 Atlantis pulls in January (coins and gems), so still a few chances to land Vela. But if I come up dry on all my main targets in January (G. Falcon, G. Jackal, Wilbur, and Proteus, realistically; Vela, G. Panther, Kunchen, and Zeline very hopefully) it’s going to be a serious letdown.


56 EHT and 56 heros for food.

I’m very frustrated now.

Maybe it’s time to quit.

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I now have five of Buddy. And a bonus draw on a ten pull to get me Vela! I wanted to wait for Teltoc. But all in all, not that sad. Hoping the budget allows for some Teltoc pulls.

(I wish I could save EHTs, but I use them almost immediately.)


I did another last-ditch 10-pull. Still no Mother North, but I finally got Lianna :woman_cartwheeling: :partying_face: :dancer:, plus Vela


Congratulations indeed :partying_face::tada:.
I too was unsuccessful enticing MN to join my hero roster - there is a growing membership to this club :sob:.


Yay, I managed to get… Ulmer! :cold_face:

How can you accumulate 56 EHTs, by the way? In my whole E&P career I don’t think I have ever reached that number of tokens in total.


Seems to be a year of EHT…

If this seasonal summon end without Buddy, I will save all EHT for next santa summon…