🥳 The New Year Summons Countdown Thread!

I’ve heard a fair number of people mention that they’re saving up EHT or Gems for after the changeover from Grimble to Vela — the official start of the E&P New Year, so to speak.

(I’m in that camp too, with 53 EHT saved up since April to try for Buddy/Vela/another Rudolph/Mother North.)

So if you’re saving up EHT or Gems for right after the switch (or for even longer), share what you’re hoping for, and your results when it’s time!

The changeover happens at 2020-01-01T07:00:00Z

May the RNG be ever in your favor!

And for those of you in time zones already past midnight, Happy New Year! But we’re on E&P time here. :wink:


Thanks @zephyr1 for starting this thread, nothing to share yet, though hoping 10 EHTs is enough to snag MN (ever the optimist :crossed_fingers:) - but you had me at 53 :star_struck:. GL


Happy new year to all of u as well, its past midnight here, the changeover will be at 10am our time so it will be a good time for me (hopefully no sudden meetings) and can try to summon for santa, vela, and my 5th rudolph (already got 4 maxed) maxed 2 last year and 2 this year, i got 23 EHT saved now, i hope we all get what we want and save for Feb HoTM

Good luck to all


Made this yesterday especially for this:


5 hours to go!!


I already have four of Grimble, really don’t need more than one… so no pulls until January 1… and I should wait for Teltoc! Plus I got two more Buddy’s on single pulls sometime in December, and gave up chasing Mama North and Santa. So my pulls will be during Guardians of Teltoc. Not until!.. Unless I break down and do a bad luck pull at 2am.

Wishing everyone good luck on their hunt for North. Vela. or Grimble. Or any other hero you may still be chasing. Or any hero that may have eluded you! Good luck to all summons/summoners! May the RNG and EHT and gems be in your favor!

Happy New Year to all.


Happy New Year all! Quiet one for me here, was keeping eye on a really sick pet, thankfully she recovered in the morning… now can get back to very patiently waiting for the E&P New Year which is 6pm my time ugh… only have 3 EHT saved, but also gems for a 10-pull. Got Grimble during AR, so that meant I had to be really strong and not do any pulls since AR lol.

Hoping for Vela of course (only missed Margaret since getting Ranvir, so getting HotM is more a collector thing/streak I’m going for) and Buddy… wouldn’t mind MN and Santa too haha only have Rudolph from this seasonal bunch but yeah Buddy and Vela from the EHTs would be fantastic so I can use gems for Guardians!

G’luck all, and may 2020 be a prosperous year in all ways possible! :clinking_glasses: :tada: :v:


Happy new year, and glad to hear she recovered!


It’s already been 12 hours into 2020 where I am. Was originally planning to pull in January Atlantis, but am now thinking I should wait and see what the developments are on JF.

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3hrs, 20 mins!!!

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Kinda sad i missed on Grimble, but happy i stuck(mostly) to my budget in December. Have 25 EHT and will make a run at Vela, will do some more pulls during Guardians aiming for Jackal, and maybe 10 during AR for zeline/kunch and more Namahage.
February is where im looking. Ariel is the only “chase” hero currently in the game for me, and Jean-Francoís looks mighty interesting.
So I’m thinking January will be an opportunity to practice sticking strictly to the budget.


giphy (3)


I’m hoping for Vela and Buddy for New Years. I have all the other Christmas hero’s and could really use a good blue. Good luck to all and Happy New Year!

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I’m still hoping for Mother North, but not actually expecting to get one :slightly_frowning_face: Will make 1 10-pull and hope for the best


30 minutes!


From October 8:

Satisfaction coming my way! :face_with_monocle:


17 EHTs used. Not a single event hero and no Vela. Just a lot of food. Great start to new year. :rofl:


Thanks, Zeph! Kiki my (mum’s) canary was suffering from egg-binding which can be fatal in little time… would’ve taken her to 24hr emergency vet last night but no funds to cover cost and was 2 days from getting paid… timing eh… anyway Google suggested a warm bath to loosen muscles might help, and yay it did after a second go in the morning… she’s back to her normal self again :relaxed:

Now to continue the good fortune at the summon gate!! :grin: :pray:


4 tokens and a 10 pull, no event heroes but 2 Velas and a second Rigard.


That’s wonderful news! Nice when Google can be put to such good use. :slightly_smiling_face: