The New, NEW Raid Tournament Loot

New Challenge events

Originally there were less reflect colors in challenge events and fewer 3* heroes. So it was easier.

But new challenge events have five reflect colors and Devs have mentioned adding more challenge events.

Just 5* Tourneys have 24 different versions ( no rule plus 3 rules times all color plus five eliminated colors) and HotM have been going for years.

Static loot

Challenge events have static loot.

You could place Tourney Top 1% twenty times and still get 35x emblems per week ( old system) or 5x emblems per day due to bad RNG.

Invest in titans

Every time they add something, titans become a better investment.

Add Hunter’s Lodge ( titan parts ) and Tourneys are only effective for fun.


And paying to continue sucks the fun right out. Maybe after your defeats, you could keep playing but for 50% points earned. If you paid 100g on the last battle day, your points earned after your defeat would restore to 100%


That is just marketing speak.

We have been here before. See ascension items below ( emphasis mine).

To be fair, plans often change.

If we can craft emblems in the Alchemy Lab, then I will believe the Devs about "significant source of emblems ".

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