The New, NEW Raid Tournament Loot

Honestly? I’d encourage people not to do rebuys at this loot level. If SG is hitting their gem income targets, it removes an incentive for them to continue restoring loot.


I think the new loot hits it about right. That 100 emblem award was RIDICULOUS in the first tourney. The gap will widen between great and good players even with this nerf from the original loot…why do you guys want it back to insane levels?

Because taking a year plus to emblem a entire team of 5* is ridiculous?


If I’m being completely honest, I don’t want it back at 100. (Yes, I know… I’m setting myself up for hate and vitriol and blame by saying this)

What I’d have liked to have seen is something more balanced landing around 50 average (with a smaller deviation) for top 1% but still keeping the following tiers fairly high, say 25 for 50%. That way we’d all get to actually play around with our emblems, emblem heroes of various star levels without stressing if we “got it wrong” and hopefully avoid the staggering gap someone getting 100 and someone else getting 3 will create.

NOTE: someone getting 30 and someone getting 1 creates the same gap. That is the current system. It just does it more slowly. :roll_eyes:


Good enough! :smile:

Thanks for letting me know your thoughts.

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The loot does appear slightly updated, but it’s much more similar to the “Reduced in the Meantime” loot than the original loot.

Comparison of First Raid Tournament Loot and New Loot

Changes are marked as Original New

Acronyms in this table:

  • AM: Ascension Materials
  • EHT: Epic Hero Token
  • ETT: Epic Troop Token

Any of the tiers starting at top 75% have a chance for ascension mats.

Here’s the current breakdown for ascension mats, tokens, and Emblems (for simplicity, I didn’t include the Flasks, Atlantis Coins, Battle Items, and Crafting Materials that are in loot in addition to these):

Tier AM Chance EHT/ETT Chance Emblems Chance
75-100% 0 0 1 Draw: 100% x1
50-75% 1 Draw: 5%1% 3* 1 Draw: 5%1% EHT, 15%3% ETT 1 Draw: 20% x3, 30% x2, 50% x1
25-50% 1 Draw: 18%20% 3*, 2% 4* 1 Draw: 15%3% EHT, 25%5% ETT 1 Draw: 40%5% x5, 60%20% x3, 35% x2, 40% x1
10-25% 1 Draw: 22% 25% 3*, 3% 4* 2 Draws: 20%4% EHT, 40%8% ETT 1 Draw: 40%25% x5, 35% x10, 25% x20, 35% x3, 40% x2
5-10% 21 Draws: 45% 3*, 5%1% 4* 21 Draws: 25%5% EHT, 45%9% ETT 1 Draw: 10% x50, 20% x30, 30%10% x20, 40%20% x10, 30% x5, 40% x3
1-5% 2 1 Draws: 95%99% 3*, 5%1% 4* 2 Draws: 40%6% EHT, 60%10% ETT 1 Draw: 5% x100, 30% x50, 30%5% x30, 35%30% x20, 30% x10, 35% x5
Top 1% 2 1 Draws: 90% 98% 3*, 10% 2% 4* 3 Draws: 50% 10% EHT, 50% 40% ETT 1 Draw: 25% x100, 50% x35, 30% x40 25% x30, 35% x20, 40% x10

My Take

This doesn’t seem like a notable return toward the original loot.

My expectation (hope) is that further updates will come that return the loot far closer to the original — as you can see above, this slightly tweaked version is nowhere close to the original.


Do you lose points for losses? Thought we just got 0s

Thanks for updating!


You never lose points; you just gain fewer. He’s just guessing that the loss of potential points from 4 losses will knock you out of top 1% contention.


This extra round is going to make it tricky to remain in the tournaments I ended up at 3 losses by the end (4days).

I hope as Garanwyn mentioned that people wont spend gems to continue so it presses SGG for more loot bump up, but thats as likely as catching a leprechaun.

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I’m glad I didn’t use any emblems on 3* so far, that’s for sure. It is very disappointing if this is the final adjustment.


Get your hits in as early as possible on day 1 and 2, before results have clearly sorted out whose D is genuinely not that good. That’s when the highest probability of cheap points are on offer.

Yeah, this isn’t the game changing tournament they advertised in the AMA. Loot is… uninspiring, to say the least.

If loot was at least similar to the original one I’d have spend some gems in a continue but with this kind of loot it’s not worth it.

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I spent lots of emblems on many 3* heroes. I even told some of my clan mates they should do the same. I regret that decision tbh…


Better than the top 1% getting there quick and the rest of us taking a year!

I’ll play my flags, but def won’t spend for continues without considerably better loot.


I surely hope we are still in “the meantime”. A 4 day effort to such low odds is really uninspiring.

5-day effort now :slightly_smiling_face:


so is it 5 strikes then we’re out now?

It doesn’t look like it, based on the updated in-game text:


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