The New, NEW Raid Tournament Loot

The loot for raid tournament appears to be updated. (Or at least… I think so??)

There are now three draws on tokens for 1% tier (10% EHT, 40% ETT, 50% GST). (Two draws on top 5%, both at relatively low odds).

Emblems for 1% tier are still at x30 (25%), x20 (35%), x10 (40%)–making even a high tournament finish not a significant contributor of emblems. Trials appear to remain the go to.

I’m wondering if this was the “adjustment” to tournament loot that was promised and the new normal going forward. If so, (and if no further changes are coming) how many of you will be dipping into your gems once a week for that 2% shot at getting a 4* ascension item?


Not worth it

I hope it’s just a first adjustment and the prizes will be put back (or close) to the first tournament…

Don’t have much hopes though


It wouldn’t be worth of my gems but I would still play it, hoping for a high partecipation and thus ending in a good %placement.

It helps with raid chests and 1% something is better than 0% evertyhing.


The expected value works out to 18.5, which is about how many emblems of one type you can get from a class quest. Not as many as there were at the beginning, true, but not insignificant.

I won’t, but to be fair I wouldn’t spend gems on continues even if it were 100%. Having to continue means you’ve already lost 4 raids, which means a sub-1% score anyway.


It’s something. Still not close to what it used to be though.

I’ll still do them for the raid chest and the class emblems, as you can never have too many of those.

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Definitely better than a kick in the shin, but when you consider it as a once a week occurrence, I still think I’ll net more than that from monster chest.

At a 10% finish those numbers drop to x20 (10%), x10 (20%), x5 (30%), x3 (40%).

I’ll defer to others on what that math equals out to.

So for the top 1% of players in this game you’ll average somewhere below 19 emblems a week for tournament. For the top 10% of players… well… you’ll get a few. For everyone else…

Work on those trial teams :slight_smile:

For a feature that was touted as a significant source of emblems going forward prior to release, I’m not sure it’s ultimately going to make much of a contribution in that arena.


Please note: This is not me asking for monster chests to be nerfed! People seem to get funny ideas about this kind of a feedback and start blaming other players :wink:

A considerbly higher chance for Top 1 % would also mean that the Top 1-5 or 5-10 % would have much better chances to get great loot.

If Top 1 % had an expected value of like 30 Emblems (I think it was over 50 in the first version) , a 1/3 Chance to get an EHT and a 10 % chance to get a 4* ascension item, I would definitely spend 75 gems for a continue if it were close. Same if I could leap from Top 25 % to Top 5 % with a few more wins, assuming the loot for Top 5 % wouldn’t be much worse than my imaginary top 1 % loot.

However, with the current loot it’s not worth spending 75 gems…

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I’m leaning the same way.

But I imagine SG’s argument for this is something along the lines of ‘Well, we price hero pulls at 300 gems and epic troop pulls at 200 flat, so your expected return on investment is somewhere around 110 gems worth of summons if it’s a difference maker.’ Plus the additional emblems from the 1% tier helping to qualify it as “worth it” to spend for one continue.

(They also value grey tokens at something, I’m not including their full price–because most people in a higher tier would never buy grays)

I paid continue gems in last tournament, and got top 1%, and scored some trap tools and other cool stuff. Took a risk and it paid off. Kept it to only four strikes though


Then you have shockingly good monster chests. Mine produced 42 emblems over the last month. So 2 top finishes a month will almost equal that, and 3 will handily beat it.


For comparison, even at the current loot levels, with the erratic tournament schedule, I have also gotten 42 emblems from tourneys over the last month.


Agreed. @lexinen, I have done this as well, and it did nudge me into 1%. That was on a four day tournament. On a five day tournament, I think it’s even more likely to be a difference maker.

Clearly I’ve shown a willingness to do this in the past, so it stands to reason I would do this again with the higher number of tokens?

Maybe I do. I don’t log mine so it’s hard to say, but I’ve got 7 emblems from Monster chests over the past two days. That’s pace of 105/mo, so significantly better than 42. But hey, I could’ve just had a good couple days!

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The rates per chest appear to be:

50%: 0 emblems
35%: 1 emblem
15%: 2 emblems
5%: 3 emblems

That averages to 0.8 emblems per chest. So you can figure your haul based on the number of chests you expect to retire per day.

I do 2 per day, and that should net an average of 48 emblems per month from monster chests. Which is equal to 2-2/3 top tourney finishes per month.

So-- I’m not in love with the new tourney loot schedule, but it isn’t stop-the-presses-awful either IMO.

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Ok, I’ve definitely had a good couple days then. I’m usually finishing two a day, as well. Kinda OT, but are these the same rates for Diamond chests?

So if I’m understanding this correctly, and it is significant, then the differences between the 1% finishers (around 74 emblems–approx. 1 5* level per month) and the 10% finishers (around 24 emblems a month–approx. 1/3 5* level per month) is one of the primary motivations to buy a continue.

So over the course of a year’s game play that difference (buying vs. not buying continues) might account for about 600 emblems (assuming you’re placing 1% every time), IE: around 8.5 extra emblem levels spread out through your five star heroes?

That by itself wouldn’t motivate me to continue. I think it’d mostly be a question of tokens and striving for troop levels. I think the new tourney will be a good source of troop XP for the 1%.

No, this is awful. I’ve been leveling 3s and 4s AND giving them emblems because the loot was supposed to be restored to the original level.

I should have just leveled/emblemed my “best” guys rather than niche heroes for the tourney. Now I’ll have to eat emblems resetting guys or wait 4x long for the investment to pay off.

So yes, this is a complete blind side for me. The very least they could have done was tell us they were nerfing the loot as soon as they reduced it initially.

My only hope is that this is the first step, but for the love of god can we get some information so we can make educated decisions?


If it’s worth the gems to you, then go for it. I still think my gems are better spent on other things.

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Loot still isn’t good enough.

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There’s not really enough data to credibly distinguish Diamond raid chests from Monster chests at this point in terms of emblems. Somewhere around 0.75 or 0.8 is a decent guess for both.

Finishing all 1st tier is worth 13.5 5* nodes a year

At the 10% tier,
6.7x4x12 = 321.6

321.6 / 65 = 4.9 5* nodes per year (call it 5).

The continuation decisions based on this are left as an exercise to the reader :slightly_smiling_face:

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