The new hero of season three on the game

The ineffectiveness of the new season three heroes on the game and their weakness, the low performance of Baldur and Loki

Do you really call Lady Loki in effective ? Dude she is one of the best counter hero for GTV meta. She wrecks the opposing team that is build on status effects.


Yeah, fair enough, Baldur is a solution to a currently non-existent problem, so he needs-

Excuse me what?

Literally 5th best offensive hero in the game at the moment.

The vast majority of s3 5* heroes is at worst mediocre, most of them are actually good. I don’t see the problem.


Baldur…yes, very sub-par.

Loki on the other hand, is very good - not sure how you came to your conclusion on her.

Your statement about lady loki is completely biased because of the fact the statistic presented by SG is biased (if it can even be called statistic…)
Lady loki came our like 5 days before the cutoff of the sample data, so literally all the raid featuring her where made by the following people:
-Having a brand 5* S3 hero, and lvling up in less than one week…
So literally most likely whales waiting for her. Which is correlated with good and deep rosters because they spend more, so it is obvious their win rate is higher because of having deep rosters, troops among others.

Anyway, I think she is good and useful, but definitely not even close to top 5.

With respect to baldur I agree. He sucks as of now.

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I’ll comment only on the the S3 heroes I own and have maxed.

Sif - Good on Raid Defense, Amazing on raid offense

Heimdall - excellent tank if you don’t have Telly, solid in raids even at slow, makes map battles a breeze

Ratatoskr - solid healer for all occasions, bonus tiles vs titans

Freya - deceptively powerful support hero, bird everywhere! I’d level another.

Norns - Niche and a bit disappointing, but good tile damage for titans, and helps on map levels.