The New FTP Strategy

Thanks guys for all the insights, I’m out of likes…geez, do I need to become a regular just to start liking more posts?!

Good thread :100: Food for thought.

I think I would be too impatient, only being able to run a single TC for feeders though - I want to level my heroes. :thinking: But, if you do not have any heroes to level, I can totally see why that makes sense in relation to SE. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey, TC camps are a kind of summon, right?! It should count towards the Fated Summons. :smile:



You guessed right @Gwniver, I have absolutely no heroes to level (Can you see how desperate I am @Muchacho ??!)

Just check out these feeders that are waiting to be used in my spare TC that isn’t being 20’d


My goodness! You can spoil your new heroes instantly!

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By the way, does anyone have any idea when fated summons will go live?


Probably end of the month or in a week-ish


Nice thread.
I agree with most of the above, but…
I’d stop my summons if the hotm won’t fit my roster. Most of the portals will come around in a few months, to me It could be worth the waiting.
About TC I started this Summer 3 TC20 to get SE feeders, 4th TC was backpacks and HA running 4 and 6 (2* and 3* troops). I ended up I couldn’t cope with the demand of recruits, so I switched TC2 to TC11, but this way I was way too slow maxing heroes, so I cut a TC20 for a TC2. For referente, I started maxing Esme early August, finished last week; started maxing asterius late August, now at 4.60 (on color feed).
I’d run 3 TC20 only if you have no project to work on, and I’d do some maths checking how many recruits/food do I need Daily/weekly to run the desired setup.

About CF vs BF, I’d lean towards CF, because to me the heroes included are more useful with a cheaper price. BF portal is great, but the pool of heroes is enormous, and I like to have “more control” on the odds. Again, I suggest do some maths about the odds of walking away satisfied vs being frustrated.


I agree. I will also stop summoning when I get a HoTM, because I don’t want to get copies of one hero.

If somebody doesn’t have many heroes from CFII then they should do at least one 10-summon. With one 10-summon I got 7 new heroes, but I’m not sure if I want to do another 10-summon there. That’s why I’m going to do two 10-summons in BF as I don’t have 15 rare and 43 epic heroes. I’m curious how many new heroes I will get from 20 summons.


I am still have not received an answer for this from @heive or @Petri .

We also do not know what will happen if I am 80/100 and a new list comes out. I hope it will not reset to 0/100.


My guess is, it will take quite a while for the list to refresh. It was writen somewhere, that if someone gets all the heroes from the list, they’ll have to wait until the list refreshes. Now there’s lots of heroes on that list, we’re talking thousands of pulls there, that’s gonna take a while, even for big spenders. My wild guess would be it will refresh once or twice a year.

absolutely. go for the portals in months with good HotMs and great featured heroes. I may have been picky with epic hero and troop tokens but the same applies as with gems.
good to save them 'til the offers suit.

I also look at the heroes that other players consider valuable.

I’ll be interested to see if there’s a change in the popularity of Xnolphod now that he’s been nerfed.


the only thing I picked on as well, was the cheapest portal bit. I would not use gem price as the sole deciding factor.

other than that, seems solid and thanks for sharing and initiating this discussion @FrenziedEye !


I only have Noril and Maeve myself. so far have been using them in challenge events and rush tourneys. they are quite good there.

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except tarlak, for titan, rest are probably gonna be obsolete (if they aren’t already). maybe skadi (war) and rata (titan), but i can live without them.

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CF heros are nice, I don’t want to be interpreted otherwise. But I got very lucky the first Slayers portal and got Noril, Maeve, and the 4* red fiend summoner whose name I’m blanking on at the moment. Also pulled Marcel from Starfall. So since 5* are rare anyway, I’m thinking I can best expand my roster via the Black Friday sale rather than CF2 – but CF2 is a good choice, can’t dispute it.

Also, I should note – a 10-pull is still pretty unlikely to cough anything really good up. Even two 10-pulls I’m less than 50% likely to get even one 5*.

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Lol I get the distinct feeling you and I are two very different types of FTP - most of the non classics in the fated summon would likely improve my roster LOL

If they do nothing for you, you must be at a crazy FTP level mate


But… As I dont have Franz, should I summon now and try get him and improve all my event scores significally? Or wait for Fated summon and another portal… CoK again in 4 months…

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This is highly logical. You are making me think I need the Rat now lol as a dual purpose titan and war hero.

But I also agree with this sentiment, Ive never prioritised titans because the loot is completely random.

I remember getting a tabard for coming last or for a titan escaping…

Question: Between the Rat and Tarlak who is better for war and raids. I’m thinking Rat is a good all rounder (titans and raids etc)


Do what you feel. In both cases you probably will not get Franz in these 4 months (umless you are going to make several 30-pulls) :wink:


I would say Rat is better in more areas outside titans, but Tarlak is better for titans. That is based on you being a mono player. If you’re not Tarlak may have an edge.