The new event


Hi guys
Any news about the new event that came after the Halloween event? :thinking::thinking:


Do you mean challenge event? If so, it will be Guardians of Teltoc, and that starts this upcoming Thursday and the reflect color is yellow. If you mean seasonal event, there should be another one in December around Christmas.


How do you find out about these upcoming events, etc.?


Thanks randa but I have a question plz
From where do you get your informations about the next event… Hero of the month… Etc


All challenge events cycle through and there are currently only four in rotation: Guardians of Teltoc, Knight of Avalon, Pirates of Corellia, and Grimmforest. They always seem to start on the second Thursday of every month, and are always in that order.


Usually by reading the forum regularly. The Rare Quests come around every 7-10 days in a predictable rotation, and are discussed in the thread linked below

The Challenge Events come around on the second Thursday of the month in a predictable rotation, and are discussed in this thread:


Here is a good thread to follow for the Rare Quests, Challenge Events and the Seasonal Events.


Thanks guys your replies were very helpful for me thx alot :bouquet:


Regarding future HOTM, be on the look out here on the forum or check YouTube. Next months HOTM will be Evelyn, and as long as nothing changes before then, she should have the same abilities as Guardian Panther but green. So lowers defense against green, removes buffs, and attacks on three.