The new colorblind mode

So, while I immensely appreciate the effort being put in to making this game more colorblind friendly they missed the mark with the new mode. They now allow you to alter the shade of the shield colors on the board but the board is the one place where color doesn’t matter as much because there are different shapes and symbols(only really matter with the dragon heads, hard to tell yellow from green for me), the real place where colorblindness gives me problems in is the colors underneath the enemy heroes during battle, I can’t tell when they are blue or purple. I would suspect that any other type of color blindness would also only matter specifically there(but with other colors), the issue occurs when things that are the exact same shape are similar colors. Please allow the circles under the enemy heroes to be altered or perhaps change their shape or add some sort of symbol/indicator, maybe one that can be toggled on/off.

I think this is the master thread for that discussion

@zephyr1 @Garanwyn


@Farkhipov are you intending this to be discussion, or an #ideas-feature-requests proposal?

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I suppose both maybe

You’ll have to pick one :slight_smile:

An idea proposal goes in #ideas-feature-requests section where it can get voted on, while basic discussion on the feature belongs in the existing thread.


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