The new class Quests will give only 3400xp and 12 recruits for 20 energy. Thats too low

Most of the levels on the map SUCK for farming. There are around a dozen I’ve found that are worth farming out of several hundred levels.

A few more that aren’t very good but are needed to fill S2 missions and elemental chests.

Most of the quests, especially rare quests for non-farmable ascension mats suck for farming too.

These trials for emblems are more like those rare quests than anything else in the game … so I’d expect the recruits, XP, and everything else to suck.


Rare Quests take a total of 60 flags, and only the last two stages yield unfarmable ascension mats.

By comparison, it looks like class quests will take a total of 36 flags, and every stage will yield emblems.

This seems to me to be better in every way.


I will do do all of these trials even if I get 0 xp, 0 recruits, and 0 items. All positive values here are gravy atop the emblems.


How many emblems does it take to max a 5*? Thought I saw 1500 on the forum, but not sure.

The way I’m thinking about it, the rare quests give you 1/8th of the required mats to take a 5* to final ascension (6 element specific + tome + Damascus blade).

Since my 1500 is probably wrong, what percentage of the emblems needed to get to 5+20 do we get in a trial? Less than a percent?

I know this isn’t necessarily a fair comparison, because you also need a ton of ham and feeder heroes to get to 4-80, but this is what makes the required WE for the reward seem off to me in these trials

It will also depend on how often we get these though… If they’re as rare as a rare quest, think that will be a really bad look. If we get a few a week, that’s better.

Sorry I’m rambling… Been a long day. Hope this makes sense

wow … this trial is cool and it looks like fun. what makes me excited is the blue emblem coin :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

That’s what I saw too, in here:

It’s true that Rare Quests give a much bigger chunk of the materials needed to max a hero, but class emblems have the advantage of being able to be used incrementally instead of all at once, and can be used on a one hero and later moved to another. So I think the payoff for getting them is arguably a lot more immediate than ascension mats.

I’m not sure I understand why increased frequency would make the WE requirements for the loot less bothersome to you. Isn’t the argument that the high WE requirements detract from normal farming requirements to ensure you have enough recruits for training camps etc?

In any event, I’m with @Kerridoc on thinking that the class emblems are the headliner loot from these, and well worth the price of admission. That there are some general farming loot items at all seems sufficient to me, and in keeping with the premise of rare items being obtainable in quests that yield diminished standard farmable loot.

And in practice, at least for my needs, I can readily run my 4 training camps, feed heroes, and craft items without much trouble, even when rare quests, challenge events, and season 2 levels pop up. So I’m not so concerned about lacking WE for farming when adding in 6 hours or so of WE periodically for class quests.

And if nothing else, challenge events drop WE flasks pretty gratuitously…one in the inbox, one for completion of each tier, more for bottom tier ranking in any tier. Using those to catch up on farming if you blow your WE on class quests seems like a good usage for F2P and C2P players if your concern is risk of needing to buy WE refills otherwise.

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I did the update, where do I access this cause I don’t see it anywhere?

Sorry, my brain went a little off topic without making it clear in my post. That wasn’t directed as much at the world energy, as that if these are really rare, and each only provides less than 1% of the needed emblems, it will increase the cries that the game is becoming p2w and trying to force people to buy emblems.

20 copy/pastes :slight_smile:

Thanks you…

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Got it, that makes sense.

My guess is the pace of emblem availability ought to match the general premise that Rare Quests would allow maxing a rainbow of 5* in a year.

So if you need 1500 x 5 = 7500 class emblems to max the talents on a team of five 5*, and class quests drop 36 each, then there would need to be 7500 / 36 = roughly 208 class quests per year. That would mean they’d need to be every 1.75 days, roughly, which considering quest availability duration would mean one being available essentially at all times.

I find it unlikely that’ll be the plan, particularly because half the emblems wouldn’t be usable for that team of five 5* presuming one in each class, so it would actually end up taking 2 years.

My guess is the plan is considerably lower frequency than that, coupled with fairly common frequency of drops in chest and Titan loot, probably on par with the frequency of Atlantis coin drops.

But we’ll know more certainly when we see the class quest timing in the next few weeks.

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Problem is that atlantis coin drops are very low. The best source are unlocked maps every month. But it would be nice to add emblems to S2 maps as well so first hero in a class can be finished in reasonable time. Consecutive heroes would take much longer.

Tbh the best way would be to lvl heroes by actually using them like in RPG games. For example you pick next nod on a skill tree and you either use the hero in x victorious battles or speed things up by using rare items to speed things up.

I find I get some coins every day. The drop rates for emblems should be somewhat slow, presumably, given the pace of this game. My point was mostly that a mix of the trials and dropping in chest/Titan loot will likely collectively hit the intended drop rate as opposed to all of them (or maybe even the majority) coming from the trials.

You’re certainly not the first person to suggest something like that.

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  1. Those players who devoted extra time to increase their player level to, in turn, increase their maximum world energy reserves are laughing now.

  2. Those players who saved up world energy flasks (including from RARE event challenges) are also laughing now.

  3. I actually prefer the option of using my world energy in one big lump sum when I’m busy so this isn’t a bad option if the rewards are great*

*(but yes if you need WE for monster chest, seasonal, challenge events, rare quests…now class quests…all occurring at the same time it sometimes can get overwhelming especially if you don’t save for a rainy day)


I’m not sure I get why you’re saying that. As long as the quests are available for a normal amount of time, everyone should have enough world energy build up to take several shots at them. You build up 144 WE a day naturally, after all.

I totally understand why you like to have a large energy reserve and burn it all at once. That seems like a reasonable play style.

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That’s true if you put real life on hold, don’t travel for holidays and don’t socialise😂

If I’m doing any of the above (ie. Doing real life, travelling, socialising) I’ll probably flask it when I find 30 mins of free time


Key to me here is Emblem, XP and recruits don’t think they add more value as far as class mechanism is concerned.
Good thing I have been hoarding WE flasks…:grin:

Hey now, I have plenty of friends outside of E&P, and I see them every 3 months whether I need to or not :laughing:

In all seriousness, though, it’s not so bad. Even at level 29, I don’t find I’m wasting too many flags between logins.


Will those class quests be repeatable? I mean, when you beat a stage can you replay it right away and continue until you run out of WE?

And a second, more general, question: I see people complaining, that players who were able to update the game earlier have the advantage of being able to start farming class emblems earlier (even though the class/talent system is deactivated until Jan 14). Is that true?
I downloaded version 18 two days ago and finished several monster chests, raid chests, an elemental chest, and defeated a Titan with loot level 9 - and did not get a single emblem. So either the drop rate of emblems is very low, or the reports of players already getting them are fake news. Are you getting emblems already?

No, they work like other quests where you can beat each stage once per appearance.

There was a very brief period where emblems could drop as loot, but it was disabled until they’re available for everyone.


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