The new aliance Azai clan

Azai clan recruiting!
The Azai clan is recruiting new members
Our new alliance will accept new warriors. Whatever level, only activity is important. We are happy to expand our range. The Azai clan is waiting for you.


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What are your alliance rules for titans and wars?
Do you all fight in wars ?


(See my thread wanted mid range alliance )

Yes, we all fight in war. we have a pre-agreed strategy. we don’t have rules for titans yet. but all members are active

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I’m looking for a new alliance I am very active with 6 teams between 3025-4015 lvl 37

I believe if you can fight, you should fight

Join us in game. Aliance name is Azai clan

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I will come after the war

OK see you after the war

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And where are you from? We are from Cz3ch republic.

Hi Sesshomaru,
I am from the uk, are all.your members Czech?
Will there be language problems?

Hi, no. It will be ok. Yes all mebers are from chzech. rep., But I would like international alliance. You may test and will see

And i need practice in english :grin:

Did you start the the alliance together?
Has anyone joined and left in the last 51 days?
I hope I might fit in

No you will be first, but i start recruiting yesterday

it’s your choice. we are all active every day. someone speaks German and someone speaks English.


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Yes I want to join and hopefully stay, I want to be part of a team.
I hope you can accept me.

Těším se na vstup do aliance. Doufám, že účast ve válce bude povinná pro všechny nové členy

Of course you will fight in the war with us. I am in the work. See you later

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