The new age of ascending

So now after class heroes has arived.
We aint gonna ascend heroes for what the do no more.
(Talking about F2P/C2P)
We will need to ascend heroes whoes belong to the next Trial classes questes. Otherwise no chance to do them at all.
Me for example I just found that I don’t have any maxed Fighter, Rogue, Paladin or Rangers. Mostly have Monks, Barbarians and Clerics.
So this means as next Trials require Fighter Rogue Paladin or Rangers types of heroes even a 2 years old player wont be able to do them.
Wasting His/Her chances to get emblems … doesn’t sounds really good nor fair.
So I request letting other class of heroes join the battle of Trials with less percent of the full reward giving to the exact hero class required.
After all, this point wont hurt the new players as it does hurt the old ones now cause they will know it when they start but we learned it after its too late.
Need your thoughts guys, and have a great day.

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I see why they didn’t make it that way (you can use the emblems if you don’t have the right heroes), but I wouldn’t have a problem with it if they implemented it.

What i wish is that they gave us more hero slots to make up for this increased need for heroes. Now we need enough heroes with the right specials and mana for wars AND enough of the right heroes for these class trials. At least they let us use two classes at once, but still…it’s very hard on the hero roster.

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The Quests are pretty easy. At least the first two stages can be done with 3/50+0 3* heroes. Every player who has been regularly playing for a few months has a decent bank of 3* heroes and maybe also a few 4*.

The last stage is a little more demanding but even then you can use items if you really want it.


As a preliminary input, I do think that with a 3/70 5* and a 4/70 4* healer and 3x maxed 3* one can fairly do the quests.

So my approach from now on will be to ascend healers and unwanted slow 5* i have for titans and emblems as per the above directive, but ofcourse after prioritising hopefully future incomes like for example WuKong :slight_smile:

Where are you rumbeling on, monkey? :smile:

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Not talking about this exact stage mate
I am talking about the general trials.
10 hero classes for 10 trial quests you must have heroes of all the classes strong enough to be able to do the quest it self.

The last photo is what we have now running Trial quest.
Following are some of the coming ones

Please notice the classes those required to do the quest …
All the players were ascending their heroes depends on needs or skills they need, but that is gone now, we need not just a rainbow team we need 10 maxed strong heroes of all the 10 classes to be able to do the trial quests!
This is what I am talking about.

Thanks to @Mariamne for making the Trials guide.
Have a great day.

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As we’re talking about that I really need to mention how broken is Sorcerer’s class for F2P with the only non-event, hotm, atlantis heroes being 5* Quintus, 4* Sabina, Skittles, 3* Graymane, Jahangir… So you can see the conclusion…

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Yup they were all nit a very good heroes and we as (F2P/C2P) mostly didn’t like to waste our rare MATS on them … and here it is now coming back with them to revenge on us for calling them names in the past 2 years!


Do you want to alter your levelling priorities just so you can acquire emblems to further level heroes you didn’t want to ascend in the first place? Or would you rather continue to focus on the heroes you want/need to ascend for other reasons.
I’m not F/C2P, personally I don’t think that is the governing factor here. I know I will still struggle with a couple of the quests but I’m not gonna change the way I shape my own roster. My next rings and tonics will still be going to Mitsuko and 2nd Evelyn, rather than Zimkitha and Elkanen. Screw the Cleric & Druids quest.


Honestly, this sounds like a balancing change that was sorely needed. Heroes that were completely neglected before now have new life due to now being compared to the others in their class rather than the entire hero pool. Yes, there will be some growing pains, but that will fade with time.

My biggest question: despite the chance to use a shiny new feature to finally differentiate Thorne and Richard to make them individually useful, why are they both Paladins?!?


I want to say something similar to @MantisToboggan. You don’t have heroes in that class because you probably don’t like it, so you don’t really need their emblems right now.
Now you have the chance to change your mind and grind them.

By the time you do it, you can complete only the first and eventually the second, and later think about the third.

So you go slower, but it don’t really bother you for heroes you don’t really like.

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No doubt it is a weak class for the non/low spending players, but each quest allows two classes and with Rogues and Wizards being eligible to fight alongside sorcerers, it’s not quite so bad. Wizard (with Kiril, Isarnia, Sartana) is possibly the strongest class for TC20 players after Monk and Fighter, and Rogues is okay too.
Whether any of the sorcerers are a great investment for the emblems, however… different story :face_with_raised_eyebrow: But we all know sabina needs a defence boost

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I don’t like Sorcers but I like Barbarians
Some quests are mixed … and I don’t have 5 strong heroes of Barbarians to do all the quests require them.
I do agree with you and Mantis … but What if I am a new F2P/C2P player who just joined the game and wonder for Aacend team tips … will it be the same?Or there will be some thing to add to those old tips?
How a F/C2P will combet with/around P2P/W if he/she couldn’t collect the rare emblems due to no heroes in requested hero class?
Just questions need answers and thoughts, no blaming or another F2P whining thread that blames the game and the community for being what he/she is.

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First, you have level limitation (that i personally don’t like) on stages, so a new player can’t join harder stages not even if they want.

Second, some achievement can’t be reached easily by every player. Not in this game nor any other.
It should be a goal and a motivation for the newbie.


I like this… exactly like my principle. we as beginners must know the limits of our abilities

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this is an example of my child’s account. he tried at an easy level and it turned out to be successful and to my surprise he only brought 3 weak heroes
( gormek 2/49, farid, zudak) :joy::joy: and only used arrow.

Note: and SG also limits the level for beginner players :thinking:


Yeah, and i really don’t like it.

I mean, if you have the skills (or the wallet :joy:) to beat all the stages, why have you to been stoped by your level.

That not make any sense to me.


As I wrote over in Class quests ridiculous :

How many heroes will I need to complete all these Trials?

Answer: 30, same as wars, or fewer if they are carefully chosen. If you have 3 heroes in each of the ten classes, then you’ll have six heroes available for each Trial.

The problem for most mid-level players is that their 30 war heroes aren’t evenly distributed. My alt’s certainly aren’t. If you, too, are in this position, then take a look at the ten pairings for the ten different Trials and identify where you have coverage gaps. It’s okay to be short in one class, say Monks, as long as you have enough extra heroes in the paired classes, Clerics and Paladins.

But I agree, classes will now have to be one of several factors we consider as we choose heroes to develop. That’s true not on,y because of Trials, but because class abilities add an extra dimension to each hero. Some of these talents are great, some less so. Some of these talents naturally complement/strengthen the hero, some less so.

Example of synergy: Isarnia as a Wizard gets Jinx, which is a great complement to her AoE slow attack. When she casts, foes have had time to build up buffs, and with five targets odds are good that at least one will feel extra pain.

Example of no synergy: Guinevere as a Wizard. Her special inflicts no direct damage, so Jinx does next to nothing to help her. While she still benefits from all stat increases and other goodies along the Talent Tree, she got a ninja-nerf with Classes.

We all kvetched about suddenly needing 30mheroes for war, but after some concerted work, we’ve adjusted. Same thing here. It’s not surprising that the 30 heroes we’ve developed for wars don’t happen to be neatly aligned into the ten classes. We adapt.


Agreed on this. It’s made me re-evaluate the whole roster - not a bad thing.

As Kerridoc puts so well there are a lot of players of high lvl who do not have enough hero’s in certain classes. I can’t speak for anyone else but my so,union has been to go back to hero school and look at my bench that I have ignored for a very long time.
I admit it will take a month or so to do the quests easily without thought but it’s a new and interesting addition to the game in my opinion

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