The Nature of Power Ups


So, I’ve finally introduced Kiril into my line up and I’m glad I finally have him. But, I run both Boldtusk and Kiril in the same primary team and was wondering, since Kirils special is:

“Recover 24% health for all allies and they get +30% attack and +30% defence for 3 turns.”

and Boldtusks special is:

“Recover 27% Health for all allies and they get +48% attack for 4 turns.”

If I chain the two together, say activating Boldtusk first, increasing my teams attack by 48% and then activate Kiril, does my team get the additional 30% on top of Boldtusks first 48% boost or what happens at that point?


Short answer: No they dont stack.

Consider Kirils power up like 3 separate things, and Boldtusk as 2 separate things.


Each is applied after the other and if they are of the same kind (look at the buff icons) the newer overwrites the older.

Copperskys compendium has a great in depth explanation of how the buffs work together and what stacks etc.


U need to use kiril first then blood. Or u will only get the efc of kiril.


My experience is kiril teams best with rigard


Thanks for the replies folks. That makes a lot of sense.


Yes later always replaces the older one. That goes for + and - effects too. So if you have a -attack debuff on your heroes and activate boldtusk, the penalty is replaced with the bonus. Very nice! Also same goes for bonuses from banner items. They don’t stack.

There are just a few exceptions, like damage over time. If you activate sartana after marjana, the target gets both damage effects ticking. Activating Sartana while the old DOT is still on, will not stack, just refresh the duration.