The Mythic Syndicate

Newly rebranded alliance. We have 9 members, I’m currently the only one who does wars. Come join us.

Victorious in war!

This is me. I’d like to invite you to my alliance: The Mythic Syndicate. I’ve taken over and rebranded an alliance that was a very chill place. This is going to take awhile to get going just like everything else in this game. If you want a long term home here we are.

My line ID is Darth_Fuego

Once again in war I Stand Alone (queue Godsmack song)

@originaldaveo would u consider joining a franchise and bringing all your peeps?


No. I was actually just a part of the guardians family of alliances. I really enjoyed my time there but I’m enjoying the challenge of building something from scratch. Thanks for the invite though!

Fair enough… Good luck my friend. :popcorn: :beer:

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Oh hey look at that, our war chest started over. Hmmm, seems like it might be a good time to join me!

My first titan hit over 100k!

Join The Mythic Syndicate and maybe you can hit a titan like this too!!

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We lost this one. We’ll have a better chance next time if you join The Mythic Syndicate!

Grats! Nicely done. :muscle:t2:

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It is time for you to join The Mythic Syndicate.