The Mystery of The Missing Tanks - are there any Green Tanks in diamond? 🌲

I did a search and couldn’t find the answer, so I thought I’d pose the question.

I recently completed my first mono red team - all 4* with emblems. I sit in low diamond and was keen to test the synergy, only to find that there were hardly any green tanks.

Recent stats suggest that Yunan is great on defence, we all know about dreaded support heroes like Alby, MN or snipers like Liana.

But where are the tanks?

Groot is now fairly outclassed so all I see are the occasional emblemmed Kash, hatter or Elf.

Is there a secret stash of green tanks? Has SG deliberately left different elements lopsided? Is there an amazing green tank in the pipeline?

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Yunan, Kadilen, Atomos…

Tarlak, Morgan, Hatter…

That’s it…

Maybe Evelyn…

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Lianna was at the beginning, before the HotM were introduced, a really great Tank.

But apart from Yuan, there is nothing which could be used. And yes, groot is not useful since Zimty and others are introduced.

Green is only good for attacking


I am meeting Yunan from time to time in Diamond but with 2x GM + Zimkitha he is a complete non-issue. And he is supposed to be the best green thank there is. At current meta any green tank would have to resist GM’s burn over time to be amazing.


Kingston will resist. And he’s fast, lethal and drops the enemie’s attack. Still, green is not a colour for tanks. Excepting Yunan…


Morgan Le Fay

These heroes are the green heroes who performs better as tanks but out of these three only Yunan is the best of his class: Morgan have to compete with 5* as Ursena/Mitsuko and Elkanen is maybe the worst 5* Cleric, even if him plus Zimkitha would form a nice combination.

All the other greens works better as flanks or wings.


Actually i completely changing my mind on Elkanen.
He keep me easily on 2600 cups with only 2 emblemed heroes.

What’s more he is one of the heroes that actually become sturdier if you upgrade his attack (he heals more), and if you take a look on his talent tree at the end of it he may gain another healing bonus (that reach 42%).

He will never be a killer, but i suspect he is the same kind of Aegir.
Reaaaally annoying to take down.

In war it totally gives me better results of Hel.
Like… a ton better.


Elkanen is very good in attack. Mine has T6, focusing only on his attack skill. He’s a killing machine being self healing. Besides, if benefits from an ability like Zimkitha’s, Khiona’s, Bold’s, etc., he can alone make the difference in attack. Good thing with that buff, from 300% to 330%

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That’s encouraging, because he’s the next 5* I have to level :+1:


In the past, I had a lot of them. I pulled 4 Elkanen from TC 20 in a month. But I didn’t know back then that we’ll have an academy some day, so I sacrificed 2 of them :frowning:

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No problem, you don’t need 4 of any. I had 4 Evelyns and also kept only 2.

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I know that. But keeping them, helps when the academy will come out. If we are to believe the rumors and how will work this academy…

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Until now the new building options are disappointing, since they cost massive resources for small advantages. I don’t expect much from the academy as well.


My yunan keeps me easily above 2600…
Sand empire heroes are probably the rarest in game!
As Sand empire is about to end i think many more yunans will show up!
Also i know a few players with both yunan and guinevere and they say yunan is better keeping the cups…
But aside yunan i dont see many green tanks…

Oh dear Zeline! before nerf she was top 1 tank tho.


I would agree , early 2018, having Lianna as a tank could have been menacing.

I recently acquired her and following The Bard’s topic I wonder " is Lianna worth the tonics now?" This is in relation to being a tank. Imagine Elk is getting more love . But with all the graveys out there and Zims I wonder if Lianna will be useful in defense in this current era?

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You are right… Kingston will make Lianna obsolete… Even Zeline :slight_smile:

Still, I don’t rush to judge so hasty. Classic heroes may become much stronger according to Tim. Let’s wait the new skins and see… Tim said a skin will not change only the look of a classic hero, but will make it stronger.


For thoose who get him… as i hardly gona have him no obsolete heroes here :sweat_smile:

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Lianna is and will stay the oneshot girl…

She isn’t tankey, but nasty. A tank should leave something advantageous for the team after death.


In a „normal“ fight, she left a „hole“ in the opponents team :wink:


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