The mysterious disappearance of heroes

Hello everyone. Yesterday, 15 all of the locked and pumped heroes disappeared from my alliance comrade. Heroes were different colors. Another member of my alliance suggested taking screenshots of all the heroes and sending them here. I really liked this idea. Once again, I checked all my heroes, they are all locked. Screenshot here just in case. I think that if my heroes disappear, to put it mildly, I’ll be upset and surely want to bring them back.


@Zazerkalye Yikes, that’s concerning!

This is likely an issue specific to your alliance mate’s account. Unfortunately, no one on the forum (staff included) addresses account specific issues.

You should tell them to #contact-support through the game.


Thank you very much for the advice, I will pass it on to my comrades.

You’re welcome, I hope Support is able to help them out!

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