The MVP - Merge or solo players


The MVP is approx 6 weeks old
We killed 9* titans with 20 players
We have won 10 of 12 wars
Everyone has over 2100 Cup
We need 10 to help us get to the top 100.
Everyone in the alliance is loyal, helpful and active! We have line to help people progress but it’s not a necessity.
If your alliance isn’t working anymore and you feel a group need to break off or you personally want to join the family then feel free.
Any question please ask here or message on Line: thebully007


I’m glad to say we have had such amazing interest from some top players!
Once we are full you may be waiting a while to get in.
Line: thebully007
Or any questions here


I’ll head over in 12 hours once this war is over. Currently in the White Lotus but don’t need both my main and alt there. 3800 TP and will be maxed soon enough and hovering usually at 2200-2300 cups but today got up to 2596.


Sounds great mate. Looking forward to having you!


Still looking for new players to come and join us! Looking for players that want to stay around and help us grow.


Have 21 players need 9. Taking out 8/9* titans and having some great wars!

Come join
Line: thebully007


Am I welcome? I have two teams over 3400 and average over 100k against 7*/8* titans. Never fought anything higher but want to be in a better alliance. (I have four other teams with nothing less than maxed 3s, with 4/5* mixed in). I’m very active and use all flags, war and titan. I sit around 1900-2000 cups but am only one tonic from being able to max Lianna and two darts from either Joon or Vivica. I also have six rings but don’t want to use them on Elena. So I have potential to grow rapidly in the near future. I’ll post my current raid and defense teams. You can be honest :slight_smile:


@FinalFlash, we would be more than happy to welcome you in. If you’re in for the long hall and are active search us


Cool. I’ll head on over!


8 spots left! We need the loyal and active.


At the level you have them no use making purely rainbow teams. Those are better for built up teams and rosters. Top players can get away with rainbow teams as they have the best heroes all maxed in the game. The best heroes can overcome each other’s weakness, but in terms of synergizing it’s better to stack a team that helps each other well.I still use a lot of 2/2/1 or 3/2 for defense and monochrome teams for attacking and it does major damage when I get even a bit lucky with the board.


The MVP is still looking for active, loyal players.
We have a solid team and are taking 8\9* titans with 22 players.
We will hit the top 100 when we reach max players! Join now.
Line: thebully007


The MVP are looking for active players with minimum 2000cups on our journey to reach among top 100.

We have currently 22 loyal players and are taking down 9* titans and are doing good in wars.

We are active in chats and use line app to help each other to grow and to share war strategies.

If interested in joining fun and friendly alliance then search for “The MVP”.


Any hardcore players want to come hang out with the original sht disturber Mr. Lucien Shadow Bane? Well then come by and let’s have some fun. The Bully is kool. The clan hits hard and is chatty and friendly. Taking down 8-9 titans with ease with only 22 people of which many are advanced players with pretty good rosters. 1 or 2 can even be considered Top Players in the game…aka Bully being poached by the top teams :wink:

Hit hard, Party harder, Stir up some Sh*T…whatever works. Let’s get to the top 100!



With one more crushing war victory “The MVP” is moving more close to its mission to reach the top 100.

We currently have 22 loyal members and we take down 9 * titans with ease.

Looking for dedicated members with minimum 2000 cups who can actively participate in titan hits and wars.

Take a look at the “The MVP” if interested. You will not be disappointed.


Can easily be a top 50 clan with a full team. 2000 cups isn’t hard to maintain. If you’re not an advanced player yet, we welcome growing members too. Lots of experience between the players with one of our top players getting close to 1.5 years of play time.


“The MVP” is growing more and more under the leadership of the bully. Taking down 9* titans with ease. And doing well in war.

2000 cups and being active in titan hits and war is what it takes to join us.

Check us out “The MVP”
Line : thebully007


Just 7 more spots left.

If you have 2000 cups and ready to take down 9* titans and be active in war then search for “The MVP”.

We are active in chat and have line app as well.


At the moment we have set the alliance on OPEN so if you have over 2000 cups and can hang with 9+ star titans come on by


“The MVP” is looking for 7 more members who are ready to hit 9+ star titans and be active in war.

The alliance is open now. If you have 2000 cups or above then come on in.