The MVP are recruiting

We are an active drama free alliance who’s goal it is to hit the top 100
We are fighting 9/10* titans and winning most wars.
We require active people who use all hit in war and smash titans.
Require 2200 cup entry able to maintain and have a decent war squad.
Check us out: The MVP
Line: thebully007

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Bump to the top! We’re still recruiting

Dippins domin88tors … there’s 4 of us… we are not new members… we need more players

Would love to team up with another solid group or any individuals ready to get stuck in.

Want to stuck (f2p. …

Keen as to join guys I’m very active and competitive and I’ve spent too much to stop . Team is over 4000+ and I have 2 seshat,santa,vivicia, Kingston,Evelyn,2 Miki,khagan,neith,hatter,Thorne,Richard,2 grazul,dude on a donkey,…ect

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How do I get on board ?

The thread has been inactive for a year, so maybe you could try joining in game if you don’t get a response?

Tried but invite only so I can’t add myself ?

Request to join won’t work probably why you don’t have 30 members yet ? :confused:
Get onto your leader and open the gateway :slight_smile:

That’s unfortunate, although wonder how active they really are? There is sometimes a delay when you ask to join in game as well. GL although there are other alliances that would be interested in a player at your level.

Oh your not on that alliance I get ya lol
Cheers sarah go the all blacks :slight_smile: I’m just looking for active team that’s up there ATM and care about wars

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I belong to such an alliance but have hijacked this thread already - take a look at other alliances that are recruiting perhaps?

I know these guys. If you really want to join I can get you to them. My co-leader came from this Alliance a few months ago. She still has contact with them.

I am hilaria11 on the LINE app. You can contact me there or here either one.

You can also look in the banner description of the alliance. If it has a set number of cups or team power and you don’t meet those qualifications, you will not be able to send a message to apply in game. To fix this problem you can for example run a few raids and bring your cups up enough in order to send the in-game message and get into the alliance.

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