The MVP alliance (14* titans) has 1 spot open 🎏

The MVP is looking for active members.

We are a friendly and helpful group and have a coordinated, flexible war plan and kill 14* titans nonstop.

Alliance name: The MVP
Line: star150m
Feel free to ask about anything here on in Line :slight_smile:

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:fire: 14* titans
:rescue_worker_helmet: 1 open spot
:axe: optional war enrollment
join us if you are interested

Line: star150m

Hey Star, this is Charles (Fake Pres). I’m back playing and thought I would say hi. Don’t have line installed anymore so this is easier, although public. I was in mvp2 for a few weeks when I returned but found an alliance that was a better fit. I’m trying to keep all 3 accts together for easiness sake. So it would be awfully hard to find 3 spots in MVP. Anyhow, just wanted to say hi and see how you are. Later man.

hi Charles!
good to see you’re back!
i am doing great and i hope you are too!

at least this topic was useful :laughing:

we hope to see you again sometime. you can always join us anytime!

the MVP 3 is available if you like, we are facing 9*/10* there and most members there speak Russian, rats feel left out there :rat: :laughing:

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