The MVP alliance (14*) open to merge or active players to join

spots available
looking for active players with troops lvl 23 (mana/magic) or 5* troops

About us:

14* titans

simple war strategy (Free for all on the second half)

currently best hero tank

friendly long term team

quiet chat

Line is available (ID: star150m)

Let me know if you have any questions

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Contact me if you are interested in joining

Quiet chat
14* titans
Flexible war

contact me in line if you have any questions
id: star150m

10 spots available
we are chaining 14* and are open for merges or active players

contact me here or line if interested
id: star150m

11 spots
Smaller alliances are welcome to merge too
we are handling 14* well so far but more players will make it easier :slight_smile: