The must have heroes for (stacking) single color attack


What level is she? Mine is up to 4-70 and in many raids I end up Frida Grimm Kiril and then 2 non blue heroes. Grimm is +18 but when my blue charges they almost always take down 2 if not 3 heroes. Plus Frida dispels! I love her

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The attack stat on Margaret means she always has to be considered in a green stack.

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You mean buddy is a must?

And for wu and titans i have to disagree with you, Tarlak is much better than him (i dont have him)
For me i use wu alot on titans but sometimes i rather not to depending on the titan color and how many stars or if its rare or not


I would add Hansel as a must have for Green.

He’s fast, has a decent attack and his special is awesome in raids.

I run a green mono stack vs Blue tanks that is fairly dominant
Melendor - Evelyn - Zeline - Lianna - Hansel


I like the one-two punch combos. I use:

Jackal + Poseiden
Kage + Sartana (and proteus)
Kiril + Athena

I don’t have great options for red or green yet. I’m sure there are many others, but these pairs tend to be who I bring more often than not.


Wu gives +185% for 5 turns (and a 33% chance to miss)

Tarlak gives +100% for 4 turns

You could theoretically use both, especially against a Blue titan. Add in Evelyn and Buddy and you have covered Elemental Def reduction, and regular ATK/DEF reduction. That’s how you start getting into the 90-100K+ damage range.

But running Wu against Titans isn’t just my opinion. Ask around. Anyone who has been playing this game for any serious length of time will tell you he is not optional.


Tarlak will cap the overall attack boost to 160%, I believe. So running both would net you a (160% * (1-0.32)) = 108.8% effective boost because of Wu’s miss rate. Not really worth it. You may as well bring a different green hero and use bear banners.

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Perhaps Wu’s miss rate is what calls for option 32%, much like 1 out of every 3 shots, causing a direct sniper shots to completely miss out., including tiles damage as well.

The coming Ranvr, would be better option , at least it’s rumored to do direct damage and added other skills unlike Wu.