The must have heroes for (stacking) single color attack

Many of the players use single color stacking for titans, raids, challenges, etc…
Lets see who you must have to in each color (minimum of 3 heroes as the other 2 could be replaced with different options) and it doesnt matter if its 4 or 5 stars as aome 4 stars buffs are mandatory

I will start:

Yellow (holy): Must have G. Jackal, Wu, delilah (for her base attack minions and healing)
Optional: Joon, Poseidon
Or any other sniper or hitting all target to have better chance when wu is activated

Purple (dark): must have G. Panther, kunchen or Tib (for extra defense down), Kage or Sabina (to remove the buffs)
Optional: any snipers, Mok-Arr for his high attack and will not affect your team, victor for very fast and high base attack

Red (fire): Must have, Falcon, Wilbur, GM
High recomendation: BT
Optional: marjana, azlar, colen, Santa

Blur (ice): must have Frida, kiril for his healing and attack/defense buff, Alasie
Optional: isarnia, magni, grimm many will work as optional heroes
Blue was very hard to have a must heroes any other options??

Green (nature): Must have Evelyn, Zeline, Lianna
Optional: Melandor, Buddy, MN, any fast 5* hero

The list above are the heroes i would like to have foe stacking single color
Lets have your thoughts about each color and what are you options


Aegir, with blue stack, the life steal will be huge.


I know he is pain in defense but i dont know how he will do in offence but his defense buff and split damage i think would be great

Wu definitely not a must on a yellow stack.

I have him leveled but haven’t used him in ages. Tarlak and Wilbur unseated him. He makes too many others miss too much. If you are running mono and have thentiles to charge him up you have your heroes charged and the board depleted of yellow. If he was Joon he’d be killing someone and if there are enough yellows left on the board to make matches, you’re better off charging up again and would likely win anyway. He’s not a diamond level must have in a mono stack.


Don’t sleep on Ameonna in purple. Insane tile damage, buffed even more if she fires her special. Her crazy attack stat adds to the stack damage, even if she dies.


All of these heroes are a must for color stack… seems like they are also screaming it :laughing:


Is red really good like that without any snipers?

Wilbur doesn’t work well with sniper, without dispeller, the sniper damage will be split.


well, but for titan damage will not split, and if we see the other red heroes, all is AoE (either splash three or all opponent) and no snipper…

Edit: oops sorry I’m seing the combination from @FraVit93.
You right about Marjana.

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King Arthur if no Frida :stuck_out_tongue: I’d argue Grimm / Isarnia should be pretty mandatory too considering how good their def- is. Is Alasie really required over them for blue stacks?

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Yes, but in titan fight, most of the damage will be done via tile damages.


Nobody ever talks about the Cat:

The cat is the best option against yellow titans imo (guess it depends on the titans you’re fighting), and beats out wilbur, tibs, Kunch for the defensive down spot. For sure on 8* titans and below, as I have tested the Cats survivability.

G. Panth, Hel, Khiona, Kage, Cat


Wow thanks! How can I have missed his holy def down? I took him to 2.50 and tried him out very unsuccessfully in a couple of wars, then benched and forgot about him.

He might see some feeders now, do need something for yellow titans.

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Yeah haha a lot of people only see the Cat as a board re-shuffler and pretty much doesn’t work as planned. The timing on Cat has to be perfect if you try switching the tank in raids, and if you color stack the tank with the Cat the tank ends up dead anyways. Doesn’t work as planned, but good for wars if you get lucky. That -44% against holy for 4 turns is KING though on titans!

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It’s a defense down to holy heroes (Tiburtuslike, not Pantherlike)


Frida is quite of a disappointment for me… not to the level…

Ah yes, couldn’t be bothered. Def down for holy! Need that badly for yellow titans.

Not panther like, but better than Tibs -34%. Cat -44%.

Cat for holy titans is a must with panther we can add that to the list but overall Tib will he more useful

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Buddy should not be optional for a 5-Stack green.

Khiona is another excellent Dark option, High damage plus a very nice ATK buff. Proteus is good for shutting down specials in both raids and titans, and also has relatively high ATK for a 4*.

I’m also just going to throw this out there, but against titans you should always be running Wu if you have him, no matter what the Titan.

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