The move that changed everything/momentum shift

Sometimes you can see the writing on the wall and you know you are going to lose

But a stroke of pure luck comes along and changes the course of the whole battle

Share a moment where the tides turned for you?

My opponent

The move that would change everything - green dragon for yellow diamond

The rest is history


This is a fantastic thread, I hope to see more such patterns.


I suppose it is hard to contribute to this thread because game changing moments are few and far between


A bit older this match but the combo at 1.18min flipped the match even though I was on the brink just prior then a reversal that blew up the opponent in 1 tile move


That was very satisfying. I’d say you were pretty unlucky in terms of the board and replacement tiles for most of the fight, but that you were pretty lucky that damage was spread evenly and somehow no one on your team got killed. Even Kadilen fires before she dies. Probably a wash overall in terms of luck - you played well.

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This was a few days ago hunting for jean francois, my thoughts were that evelyn gave me a strip of aegir and jean allowing me to go in strong with finley who can also put defense down on the whole team aegir fires. So countering the tank and flank, albi in case things whlent wrong and kunchen to deal with any dots that sneak through. This was a crazy fight. Not over till it’s over. I stead of fleeing battles I usually try to think of what either I did t counter well or if I just felt with a better board my team would have won. Due to the way this match went there are a number of game changing moments and a few bad moves as I rewatched myself. Love some critque on this match


Interesting idea. Here’s my contribution.

This is a two move fight.

  1. I make the blues in the center column, moving the green tile down so it can be matched in the future, hoping to get some green replacement tiles, and taking a shot that I drop a yellow tile into the sandwich.

  2. I make a move to clear six tiles, getting 4 new greens. My first move really pays off now, since holding that green match (i.e., not making it for move two) and making it now drives them and a combo from the replacement tiles into the tank. I luck out and get an additional green replacement tile, forming a diamond. The result is a dead tank, and my charged green specials move Alberich to critically wounded. The fight is over.


I don’t have pics or video, but I was pretty badly losing a war flag a few weeks ago until BAM! A 22-combo! Which is pretty much enough to win any fight, including that one. 22 is my personal record, btw.


I commend you on your perseverance! It definitely looked dire and you did well to convert a bad situation into a win. I’ll only comment on the first half, since by the time you put down the tank and flanks there are many paths to victory and I think the decisions matter less.

The only hero you used that I have is Evelyn, so some of my comments may be wrong, as I don’t have the same perspective as you. Generally, I would have approached this match by trying to charge Finley and then using Aegir’s buff to hit everyone. If that isn’t part of a reasonable strategy then some of my ideas are probably misguided.

Time Stamps

~0:06 I favor making the blue match in row 4 as it starts charging the mana I want while also setting up a green match in column 2.

~0:11 This may be about playstyle: I would have made the purple match in row 4, which combos the greens in column 4. I think I see the argument for the move you made (purples in column 3), but if the idea was to suck in more green I would have rather done the blue match in column 2, which sets up a green diamond in column 4.

~0:27 I don’t like the green diamond play unless it kills the tank, which it isn’t going to. I’d prefer the blue match in column 4. Generally, while the flanks aren’t charged I avoid splashing them as much as possible. Also, I’m still trying hard to get Finley charged, especially before Jean-François fires.

~0:42 Same thing - I wouldn’t make the yellow diamond, which is likely to charge both flanks. You face a truly brutal scenario when it is the defense’s turn, as all of the offensive players fire their specials. At this point you’re sitting on 4 blue tiles of mana, and while I don’t know your troops you need only 3 or 4 more for Finley and Alice. So I would have made the blue match on row 1 or 2. That would have probably charged Drake, but you still would have had a chance to get Finley ready before JF fires.

~1:12 I’m okay with firing Kunchen here even though JF’s buff flips part of his special. You need the cleanse and heal. I’m not sure I understand why Finley then gets fired. Since I don’t have him I don’t really know how much damage he inflicts in this scenario (against the defensive buff). With the heal in it feels like holding him may have been better.

~1:22 I don’t understand the green diamond. If you wanted to charge Alberich I think the green match in row 4 was probably sufficient. I also would have considered making a blue dragon in column 5. Above all, I really want to NOT splash the flanks.

~1:29 I again dislike the diamond play. I would have made the reds in row 3, which combos the blues in columnd 5. I just don’t think the purple diamond accomplishes enough in terms of the trade: mana gained by offense and damage inflicted on defense plus desired board movement vs. mana gained by defense.

~1:39 I agree we should make the blue diamond. I would have moved red D4 to D3 as it clears more tiles.

~2:19 Alberich revived Evelyn and it would have been nice to fire her before Alice.


If this video is representative I’d say you generally play faster than I prefer. There were several times when I felt you were a bit too quick to use your diamonds and specials. Possibly an even bigger difference in playstyle is that I’m very stingy about splashing the flanks, especially with a passive tank. I feel the best way to exploit the non-offensive threat is to limit the mana to the rest of the team while hoarding mine.


I agree with a lot of what you said I looked back and was like that was a terrible move but it was great for someone else to make the calls for me. Definitely will look at all the time stamps you left. Thank you for honest analysis


What a legendary battle, @DoctorStrange. Worthy to be placed among the halls of fame. What a come back, down to one with the enemy still intact though not all at full health but still strong and sturdy. Once again, Alberich to the rescue. I could not count how many times he has saved my behind in countless battles and raids. Hmnnn, if I was that player, I could have tapped FLEE already as I have so little patience in me. Good for you, mate. Cheers !!


I’m very happy you took it in the spirit with which it was intended! I’m glad you shread.


Constructive criticism is there for people who see that someone is trying to do better. A few moves I could tell I was frustrated and just trying to rid gems for some hope but looking back it’s like duh lol. I appreciate the honest feedback and thnx again.


Man just watched that time were talking about where albi rezzed evelyn and I fired alice instead of clearing the buffs. Especially at that point in the match could have saved me some misery. I felt like I may have been on tilt there for a second but was able to real it back in towards the end. Definitely gotta not let that happen. Good eye, horrible play on my part.


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