The most unusefull diamond challenge

What’s better than a diamond playing the Grimmforest event?
Well, a couple of diamond, of course! And three of them are even better… unless they are all of the wrong colour!

These six diamond are from the same epic stage:

Yes, they are different diamonds…

And these from a legendary stage (17 sec):

Let share your most unusefull diamond screenshots and join me in this challenge!

PS: my lady says that this thread is nonsense because there is no unusefull diamond :rofl:



Sadly I finished the quests… I think only 3 beginner/easy quests remaining for full completion, but I leave it on auto …I do that for all…except legendary, the AI does screw up at times so I am cautious
Edit: there you go, a useful diamond lol. Did that just for u.


Popping the red make you automatically popping the purple, and that’s a lot of tiles that go away replaced by something else.

Yeah, if you want to see the bad side of it it’s pretty funny, but in reality it can turn to be a great board with a bit of luck :wink:

Diamods everywere … if they became gems you would aprectiate😉

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