The most stubborn heroes to kill

Yeah, sometimes i found heroes with high HP but easy to kill like azlar and quintus.
But there are heroes that make me think twice to raid. Cause of man squeezing skill or aliies skill.
Such as delilah, li xiu, guinevere, and alby.
I hate alby when he reincarnate his fallen allies.
But that’s make me want him so much in my team too,hahaha.
Who do you think the most stubborn hero??


Most stubborn new one I’ve run into lately is Aegir. Not that he’s a great hero or tank or more dangerous than most 5*, just that he’s a tedious pain for me to put down with my usual team (doubled red and yellow) without dozing off.
Guin and Delilah are the older pains I avoid when chest filling. Albie is actually not too bad as long as I make sure I kill him as quick as possible.


@Paulon yup, fully maxed aegir in tank is a solid obstacle. But I can tackle him with my mono-blue team (Grimm-Sonya-Kiril-Misandra+Wukong) so easy.

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Great topic. I’m going to interpret stubborn as “Yeah, this will finish them off” (usually tiles) and it doesn’t

For me:

Of course there are 5* as well, but i find that I’m expecting it with them so don’t find it as stubbornly annoying.

Shout out to Morgan though, just when u think u have her, she takes another ‘bite’. Lol


Ummmmmm… mono?


Vavicia teamed with Riccardo is ridiculous


Rigard is so stubborn. He has great defensive stats and the 42% heal, no other hero has frustrated me as much as Rigard during wars. Not even 5* heroes like Guin or Gravemaker.

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Rigard, Cyprian, and Kash if he gets his special off.

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What about Merlin if he got his special skill??
It’s fun to see your team attack your nearby themselves​:rofl::rofl:

Everytime Rigard is the last man standing I wanna pull my hair out. I like it when he’s the tank so I can avoid this but it seems that lately everyone has wised up and keeps him on flank or rear

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I’d rather have him anywhere but center, much easier to avoid hitting him. If he’s in center you’re always going to be hitting him and unless it’s with a bunch of his weak tiles he’s probably firing his special - healing himself and any damage you’ve done to other heroes too.

When he’s the center I just stack three holy heroes. Sometimes dead before he goes off once, usually before he goes off twice. Going off twice is fine, because its still usually before major damage has been done to the team. Of course the board will troll me sometimes so occasionally its still an issue

Rigard tank were never a problem to me as my first epic hero were Wu Kong:
he have 707 ATK that will become 1307 ATK, more than enough to kill it with ease on my very first rainbow team.


Because no matter what I throw at her, she ALWAYS has 50 health left to fire her special! It’s maddening…

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These two are both troublesome…but together, healing each other from opposite corners, they were incredibly hard to put down (I picked too many healers too - I’m weak in blue and GM troubles me)

You do yourself no favours having 3 healers, a riposte and a weak hitter

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Those are my only blues for hitting gravemaker. Then Rigard to put out the fire and my two best reds for the green flank.

But yes, very low on finishing ability and it took 40 turns!

I’m not fightng against fully leveled 5* yet so I can’t talk about those.

But fully leveled 4* I really HATE going against a team that has a combination of Rigard and Sabiana/BT/Kiril. Rigard is absolutely awesome and I’d love to have him in my team, if he’s placed well he’s a pain in the ■■■ to kill.

Have had a few fights with only him standing and another healer on my side, that was infuriating to overcome. Won most of them but after 50 turns or so.

This is easy, the most difficult hero is the one you are not prepared for.

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Lol rigard is the most annoying, even against 5 stars for the simple fact that he ALWAYS goes off atleast once and when I try to kill him he manages to be left alive with <50 health and then heals up