The Most Middle of the Road 5* Hero

You’ve pleaded your case on the best (ahem, GM).
You’ve raged on the worst (I’ve heard Thorne come up a few times).

Now I’d like to find the most middle of the road, regular, not horrible, but not awesome hero there is - and why.


My vote would go to a hero like the Marginally Magnificent Marjana. Solid hero that anyone/most would enjoy having maxed, but often overlooked because as a sniper, she doesn’t hit that hard, and outside of her slow burn, she doesn’t do anything else to really affect a battle (although potentially more usable now as a rouge). She’s the kind of hero that you keep wanting to ascend, but keeps getting pushed down your ascension list because a new hero with some fun niche idea keeps stepping up in front of her. Having said all this, I do plan to ascend her next… you know… unless I pull something “better”. :slight_smile: (no disrespect meant in the typing of this message)


Illiana she’s good and simple… she’s purely the highest damage special hero in game.
She use to be the original tank then just the wing sniper for both defense and offense teams. She’s now middle of road.


You know you have way too many HOTM and Event Heroes if you think Lianna is middle of the road . She is amazing

I will go for Richard, it’s hard to hate on him with that big goofy grin and being the E&P pin up boy, but he simply doesn’t hit hard enough, and attack down while useful isn’t as good as some other abilities. Totally middle of the road


In my only-vaguely-educated-opinion:

Captain Kestrel
Another vote for Marjana
and perhaps controversially Queen of Hearts and Alice

Once again, this is just my opinion as I only have Kestrel, Queen of Hearts, and Richard and only Richard is (close to) max. My Kestrel and QoH are at 2/60, and I’ve used Kestrel a fair amount but the queen only a handful of times in wars, and she has a bad habit of getting killed before being able to do anything, so I don’t have a good gauge on her either. They’re people you wouldn’t throw your phone at the wall for pulling… but you’re not going to instantly blow mats and rainbow feeders into either. They’re more “well… they’re not awful, but I’m not sure it’s worthwhile to use mats on them either” in my book.

I added Azlar and Isarnia because, though their effects are powerful, being slow speed is a hindrance. One of those “if they go off, they’re great but if they don’t, they suck” which I think balances out.

I personally would also add Elkanen, Kadilen, and Thorne in as well after the balance changes. They’re more dangerous now but still underwhelming. They do the job well enough, but they’re not blow-your-socks-off amazing.


Magni - blue
Leonidas - yellow
Elka - green

Seem pretty average folks… nothing fancy , but not horrible


Marjana, Richard and Elk.

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Magni middle of the road? He’s one of the best snipers in the game.


I would say Leonidas or Perseus. Both good heroes but too much of niche heroes to be considered great heroes

By the numbers, the following heroes all have avg mana speed specials, are within 10% of average on attack/defense stats, and within 5% of average on health:

Aeron, Athena, Delilah, Frida, Gregorion, Rana, Red Hood, Rumpel, Sargasso, and The Hatter.

Taking their specials into account, I think the only one of that group that really qualifies as being a middle-of-the-road hero is Gregorion, so that’s my vote.

(To be clear, I think all the rest of them are better than average, with Sargasso being the lone below-average exception.)


Separate from my stupid sabermetric style analysis above, I’d have voted for Domitia, Marjana, Sartana, Joon, King Arthur, Leonidas, Musashi, Obakan, Richard, Thoth, and Victor.

I’m surprised to see Joon, Sartana, and Athur in there! Logic behind that?


Why are Joon or Sartana any better than Marjana?

I probably should reconsider Arthur. The blue defense drop is huge, and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

ETA: Also, for what it’s worth, Sartana is a regular in my raid attack rotation. “Average 5*” should not be construed as an insult! =-]

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Another vote for Marjana , i have 3 of them , but waiting down the road behind Gm,Zimi, naw after so long i did took a chance and maxed here as someone mentioned above , as a good pretender Rogue she will probably be my beat choise

Because they have the attack stat to be good snipers. Actually, I’m reconsidering mine. Marj is below-average, Sartana is average, and Joon is above-average.

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He’s the weakest of my bunch?
Sartana does it better… maybe his low hp/Def makes me think he’s AVG …it’s just my opinion …apologies if he’s really better than I give him credit for

Sartana’s attack stat is 694. Well below average. (The avg 5* attack stat is 717.)

Joon’s is above average, true (749, for anyone who doesn’t feel like looking it up), but he’s also pretty squishy. (636 defense and 1339 health, compared to 5* avgs of 713 and 1254.)

I think you made me re-think Joon too now. I just checked their special %s, and his is the highest of the bunch (at 468%, vs. Marjana’s 458% and Sartana’s 452%). I think his special’s secondary effect is more useful (and unique) than Marj/Sart’s too. So, FINE! You win Leonidas! lol


Yea I think joon is pretty decent too lol

Elkanen, Horghall, Leonidas

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