The most fair game ever

from 2510 to 2182 in 30’. when you pass the 2500 limit all can
win you. if this isn’t the most fair game ever, then what? gentlemen from E&P i wish you the most fair and the most good new year for you. thank you…

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The most unfair game ever is Rigged Russian Roulette.

(no offense to @Rigs intended)


maybe, but the E&P played by thousands…

But why exactly do you think it’s unfair?

You win cups by attacking someone’s defense and them losing cups. You lose cups by someone else attacking your defense and them winning cups. Yes, the more cups you have the more you tend to be attacked. So …

I’m confused on the unfairness part.


Lol i could have a lot of fun with this… but is it worth a flagathon :thinking::thinking::thinking:


It’s not unfair, that’s just raiding. The more cups you have, the more often people are going to raid you.


Diamond is the highest tier. Once you are there you will be attacked by every single high player in the game so if you are not ready to stay there yet dont worry about it. Push to fill tour chest and start putting together random teams till you find one that’s holding or being skipped. Either way you keep cups


the unfairness part is that you are depend on from the tiles. for ex. you have 5 purple, and the board has all colors except purple. or you have purple blue, and the board has red green and yellow. and believe me this is not luck. its PROGRAMMING…

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Ohh dear. Where are @Brobb and @Garanwyn when you need them. I could just sit back and eat popcorn and watch and laugh. Ohh good times.


Laugh all day if you want…but 15 loss in a row, and especially from 300-400 cups bellow yours its not luck. P.S. I play for 2 years now, and I had 2650 cups. So I m not a beginner.

I dropped 367 cups in a 5 minute span 2 days ago


It’s RNG. You have 5 purples. Replacement gems will be 20% purple. So if you match 3 purple you’re lucky to get one back.


Oh good, so you are familiar with this I would guess since it has made the rounds in LINE, facebook and other groups more than a few times:


The higher your cup total the fewer the players available to attack you, and the more likely they are active, seasoned players. I hit 2600+ cups and within a max of a few hours I am back below 2300. Often within less than an hour. There are plenty of posts of players dropping 600-700 cups within minutes. The higher you climb the harder you fall.


This is a zero sum game. When you lose, another player wins. If there are 2 million players, there will be one million winners and one million losers.

Unless you are saying the game was deliberately set up to make a few net winners at other players’ expenses.

Also, there is an inherent advantage in attacking, as you should know after playing for 2 years. The AI is dumb and I regularly win raids against 4400 and up teams, attacking with 3900s. Afterwards I always drop between 100 to 200 points.


First time trying to link something from youtube. Hope it works. Uncle Arnie, russian roulette player

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What are your considerations when attacking?
What’s your defence like?

Plenty of people have a variety of potential attacking lineups (stacks) that allows for gaining plenty of cups… But without great defence you don’t keep those cups.

Whoever you attack is probably going to revenge you, it’s cheaper to scan your tower for options than to pay hams for rerolls.
So, expect to be revenged - safe wins equals likely revenges and big losses to revenge. Aim high, learn to beat teams with much higher TP than yours.


I agreed with you, but it’s a game that needs money. So I have my suspicions. I have thought even that at the very high places are E&P makers, just so we cant catch them unless we pay. Maybe I m wrong, but maybe I m right…

Very unlikely.

Some players spend thousands to get up there… This makes them really hard to beat even with AI handicaps.

There’s simply no need for underhandedness, it wouldn’t look any different so the extra effort is extremely unlikely to actually get put in.


  1. There is no difference between opening the chest at 2400+ cups and 2600+ cups. None. Actually there is not much difference from 2399- but that’s another story

  2. If you are worried about higher cups … why? Bragging rights? Ego? Both will be shattered in this game :rofl:

  3. I have spent (latest total) <$30CAD in 22 months and I can open my raid chest consistently in diamond. Yes, I went a bit crazy this month and actually bought a couple deals, including Rudolph’s gift


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