The most annoying defense team

Working with 4* heroes, is this the most annoying team possible?

How much do you skip a team like this? If you don’t skip, what do you attack with? Can you think of a more annoying 4* defense team? Give me your thoughts.

3 heroes without offensive skills is a bit too many in my opinion. I would take 3 red 2 green, where one of the greens is Caedmon. Then hit bt and kash with tiles until all specials are charged, then fire Caed, then the rest. Likely to take out 1-2 from the middle, use the space for ghosting.


Assuming I have all 4* heroes maxed out, what’s the most annoying defense team possible for players who can attack with 5* heroes?

I doubt there is any. Kashhrek is tough but still it can be managed, especially using 5* reds.

More annoying would be: Proteus-LiXiu-Kashrek-LiXiu-Proteus.

I cannot imagine skipping any 4* team unless it was not profitable attack.

Following from what @SilverDragonR said if you replace Boril with a sniper eg Sonya it would be more annoying I think

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To attack with regular 4* only Id use this:

And for the “to skip” team I wold set this:

Just going off my roster…
Proteus- Li Xiu - Kashrek - Sonya - Wilbur

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