The more you use a hero, the more they increase their power

This is just an idea I was thinking and might be interested.

I have more than 80 heroes that are at their full maximum, but I only use 30 or 40 of them (due to titans or wars). Nevertheless, on a daily basis, I always use just 5 or 10.

What if they created a way that, the more you use a hero, the better it gets (up to a maximum, of course). Therefore, that will encourage users to use different heroes when doing their daily missions.

It will be similar as in a football game, where the more you use your player, the better they became (as their are young and have potential).

Perhaps, with my idea, if you use BANE every single time he can incrase his level to become a 4 star hero! and eventually a 5 star hero!

I would love to have a 5* BANE in my team

A 5* Bane already exists. They named him Joon


haaha, true, but I trully want a 5* Bane.

What did you think about the idea?

Hm… :thinking:
I’ll bite. :grin:

Not against the concept, but there would be issues to be worked through, I think. At the very least I see a clash between the established method of leveling (feeding heroes) and ascension (various usages of materials), and the proposed idea’s method of usage.

I like the idea of getting more powerful through usage, mainly because it reminds me of many hours spent playing RPGs… But because of the established mechanics of E&P I also don’t see this method being utilised if heroes were effectively uncapped, or the maximum level was raised further and available to all.

But whoever levels and ascends Aife to 10* first officially wins E&P. :grin:

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I like the idea of heros gaining a small amount of experience as you play them.

But, remember that at first, heroes increase ONLY with some resources and ■■■■■■ heroes; then they implemented those special talents; then the breaking the limit to take them to level 85.
Why not, after they reach the maximum (50 for 3*; 70 for 4* and 80 for 5*), they increase a small bit every time you use them?
So, nowadays, I always use the same 5 heroes (my defensive heroes) and they win all the battles in automatic. But, if I can train Bane to be a level 5*, I will start mixing my heroes and will add a touch of “fun”.
Let me take this to a next level: let heroes aged. After a couple of seasons, they start to loss power because they are getting old, and you will need a kind of elixir to keep them young.

As I mentioned, it doesn’t work with the current system because it isn’t a part of the established mechanics (and ultimately coding) of the game. As a pure concept from the ground up, sure, completely plausible. But within an already established environment it seems like a highly unlikely thing to be considered.

Now, if the developers do not (whether they cannot is questionable in some) use ideas which merely extend the established system, or can be easily tweaked; what are the chances of an entirely new mechanic?

It’s not that I dislike the idea, I just think it highly improbable.