The moderator instantly closed your post before anyone can read

Do you have an example? Most of the closed topics are merged into existing ones, maybe you should have a closer look at them?


Sometimes just because there are already topics discussing the same thing… that way all information and debate runs in a single topic.


Your topic regarding alliance war matchmaking mismatch got merged into an already existing thread regarding the same thing. So a better question in this scenario would be, why do new posters never use the search function before hastily creating a new topic? :wink:


Personally I don’t like the closed/merged topics. Sometimes I have to read through 100 posts that in some cases are several years old to read about whatever the current question or problem is. Maybe it’s just me. That is part of the reason I am not on the forums very often anymore.

There’s already a post about this:
Mods merge


Your thread was closed and merged into an already existing thread.

That’s standard practice on here to avoid duplicate discussions going on.

I recommend using the search button to find threads before posting new ones.


Your topic about alliance matchmaking was merged to this thread: Alliance Wars Matchmaking (Discussion & Developer Response)

Your post was not de-listed either. People can still read it, and can click the link to get the merged thread, if they want to continue conversation there.

The reasons for the merge:

  • so that conversation would not rehash everything said in at least 20 other conversations that have already happened in that same topic on a different discussion thread
  • to keep the forum tidy, so it’s searchable and similar ideas and discussions are kept together. Otherwise the search function becomes far less useful.

#forum-rules technically state that we should delete duplicate threads, however Moderators have decided that instead of doing that, we close and merge them into similar threads (if one exists) so that the conversation can continue there. That way nothing gets lost, and nothing is hidden.


For this reason I really appreciate the mods merging threads.

I think of it like this: If there’s an issue, we’re all trying to get the devs attention when we post about it. Whether or not we tag a Dev, we want them to read it and fix the issue. If information on the same issue is spread out across 10 threads, the Devs will likely miss something important.

Be grateful that we have such excellent mods who know the major threads and can merge all the pertinent information into one thread for the devs to digest.


Mods rock!

Search function is powerful!

Summoning odds should increase!!


you threw in the last one just to get likes didn’t you?..:smiley:


lol, just general statements of fact…
also callbacks to my own recent failures on posting, so kind of inside joke on me not using search function, and being dumb in general requiring mods to correct my lapse in judgment


They will pin it so everyone can read it. Fake news.

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Lol #notfakenews

They merge threads to keep from cluttering up the forum

1,999,999th player complaining about how bad they are at the game and they’re quitting but leaving false accusations on their way out is definitely a mergable thread

And even if closed instead of merged, it won’t be missed


But the next player complaining wins at iPad right?

That’s what the popups say on that chess website I went on accidentally once…pawnhub?


Lol only if it’s the 2 millionth post in the merged thread


The empire & puzzle staff they look don’t care about it that happens to me to go Google play stores and flagged they game also gave you reviews they have Email you can send to empire &puzzle through Google if many doings it they care .

@JMA it looks like English may not be your first language, so I’m not sure I’m getting your complaint right. But from your post in this thread it appears you are upset that you created a thread and it was immediately closed? Due to this, you went to Google Play and left a bad review?

If this is correct, there are a couple things you should realize:

  1. This forum is run by players such as yourself. The moderator that closed your thread is a player. While s/he may be working in behalf of the game forum, they are not employees of SG. Any complaint you have about your thread being closed has nothing to do with SG or the game itself. You left a negative review based on the actions of another player and not SG.
  2. Moderators have several reasons for closing threads. Did you create several threads about the same thing? If so, all but 1 would be closed. Did you search prior to creating your thread? Perhaps there was already a similar thread and yours was merged into it. There are other reasons, but these are the main one. These actions are done to keep the clutter down and threads organized.

If I understood your complaint correctly, you may consider updating your negative review on Google Play as it is based on a misunderstanding of how the forum works and not on the actual game itself.

I’m closing this topic as it’s in violation of the updated Forum Rules.

Per Rule #14:

"Do not discuss or debate publicly any of the disciplinary actions taken by staff, moderators or support. This includes: account and in-game chat bans or warnings, forum moderation (suspensions, silences, topic closures or post removals). Posting any private messages or e-mails (regardless of topic) received from staff, moderators or support is strictly prohibited."


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