The moderator instantly closed your post before anyone can read

I just write something to post in the forum. But instantly the moderator stop my posting before it can read by others. I put a suggestion after my comment. The moderator just prefer to block my post either replying my suggestion

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Is that Even possible pr maybe YOU just pushed the wrong Button. What was that about?

@Kerridoc closed you thread as every possible discussion regarding your argument were already treated on the topic he himself linked to you. You could find that thread interesting.


I post about heroes pull base on luck. The moderator read it and closed it. They dont reply about my suggestion to get heroes what we want if you pay for it.

At least they should answer to reconsider my suggestion yes or not. So i dont keep arguing about this.

It was a duplicate thread. Would you prefer that I merge it instead?


I just read the thread and it dont redirect me towards my suggestion. Anyways thanks for letting my post shown this time.

I didn’t de-list your post, people can read it. It’s just I didn’t want further discussion in that thread because it would just rehash everything said in at least ten other threads, including this recent one: RNG Taken Too Far!

I was hoping to nip another round of the same discussions in the bud.


Hate to give you bad news, but moderators are not bullying you.

We’ve seen many times both in general and ideas zone people asking a guaranteed hero outcome from spending a tot of money.

Your proposal it’s not really something new.

Edit: try to word “guaranteed” on the reaserch function and see for yourself how many topics about it.


@Sarip24 we try to keep the forum tidy so it’s searchable and similar ideas are kept together.

The forum rules say:

Read the categories and announcements through, before posting anything. Any duplicate threads will be deleted.

But we tend to close or merge duplicate ideas rather than delete them.


Thank you for doing that!


Which is cool. has a robust move/ merge function and user notification system.

Once on a phpBB forum, I, and several forum regulars, got in a short flame war with a newbie when I merged several alliance bank threads and the brand new user was convinced I deleted his, and the regulars were in cahoots with me, until a Devs had to step in and review the moderator forum logs.

Talk about wasted Development cycles.


They just closed mine too. Stay away from trying to prove them wrong about gem balancing. They must be on the payroll.

When your thread duplicates a LOT of other discussion in many other threads, there’s no need to create a new one. The thread wasn’t de-listed, so people can still see what you said. But you were directed to another thread that already exists if you wish to continue discussion.

You aren’t even the 30th person to complain about the boards, let alone the first.


If i write a post saying that all the boards are fantastic, summons are great, always giving you what you need and wars, raids are simply the most balanced part of this game where would it go?
Having a little fun, teasing.

Or should i? It could be fun.

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Fantasy land, along with unicorns and leprechauns. Because let’s face it: sometimes boards suck. And summoning OFTEN sucks.

Honestly, I’d probably merge it into Rigged Raids and Other Flaws…

But it’s worth pointing out here that @Zephyr1 closed the thread, not me. So maybe he can answer your merge question :slight_smile:


It would be fun to see what kind of lambasting i would get.


@Wolf9, I don’t know that “fun” is the correct terminology…:joy:


Been called a liar or an SG employee lately? If not, you’re in for a treat!


I think, since AR is over, i have too much time in my hands.
Mischief is my 2th middle name.:laughing: after all.


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