The Misfits of Death☠ currently has openings. Looking for lost souls, frustrated heroes and new players (1000 trophy minimum). 100% war perticapation required if opted in. And hit those titans. 3 missed titans/wars in a month gets the axe

Glad to have you, hope you have found a new home

One spot open, can open a few more if need be

Come prove your worthiness and you may one day become an elder among men

I hope you still have an opening! My old team has fallen apart.

War got you down,your team5 perticapation not what it should be. Our goal, 100% every war.

Help us help you help us …ummm yeah. Anyway one spot open

One spot just opened up

One spot open, looking for that one to help us take it to the next level

Two spots just opened up, don’t play don’t stay.

Don’t let war get you down, tired of non perticapation, join an alliance where we heavily encourage 100% in war if opted in

Please can I join. I’m very active, still newer F2P, BUT CONSTANTLY STRIVING, INVOLVED, GROWING STRONGER. Frustrated with current alliance, they’re not active enough. I cannot kill titans or go to was all by myself! I am currently ranging 500-650 trophies, but getting better each day. Active daily many times every day. Need a place I belong…

@AmandaMaria if you are still interested let me know. We will have to briefly lower our trophy requirements to allow you in and need to know where you are with trophies to get you in

Right at this moment I’m at a devastating 481 but I’ve been up to 756 I just was really needing to save my food doing any rerolls so I could level up my team but please if you give me the chance I promise to be active and I’ll get back up there and beyond I love participating in wars and every Titan gets every flag attack I can possibly give I’m still a bit weaker but becoming stronger every day just need a team who is actually there somewhere I can belong

Ok, you will need to request to join and someone will accept you.

I just did. Thank you

Two spots open, join a fun laid back competitive alliance

Currently one spot open

Hey Sandman,
Just sent an invite request. Hoping to join. Level 44. Playing about 6 months, active daily. Fun, laid back and competitive sounds great.

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