The Misfits of Death☠ currently has openings. Looking for lost souls, frustrated heroes and new players (1000 trophy minimum). 100% war perticapation required if opted in. And hit those titans. 3 missed titans/wars in a month gets the axe

Hello is this thing on ? Are we good here ? I would probably fit in around 23-24 in that alliance in strength . One last question are you really a misfits fan?

I’m more of a Danzig fan myself but have always loved the Misfits logo. Have been known to pogo to some DK, Black Flag , misfits, Ramones back in the day. We pulled the name misfits from the fact that we were from all over the world trying to find our place, death part because it sounds cool

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May I apply to alliance ? I have opted out of war in alliance I am currently in ?

@Se77en my apologies for not seeing this sooner. If you are still interested in joining a new alliance you are more then welcome to join the misfits of death. If you found a new alliance by now good luck and see you on the battle field

Three spots open. I don’t receive notifications from the forum so please request to join through the game.

A few spots still open. Help us take it to the next level and beyond.

War got you down ? Your team just not taking those titans out? Maybe a new alliance is in order. Join The Misfits of Death today for your chance at being a part of something bigger and better.

Several spots still open. Help us take over the world

Open spots available, join us as we crush our opponents skulls

War got you down, titan frustration…join a team that is looking to take it to the next level. Very active and interactive on chat and on the app Line. We want you :point_left:

Hey, can I get an invite? I’m very active and my current alliance isn’t.

@Bojangles12 search the misfits of death under alliance and request to join. Someone will accept you shortly after words

War got you down? the ole alliance just doesn’t give a hoot ? Join the misfits for an interactive experience and help us take it to the next level.

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