☠ the Misfits of Death☠ currently has openings, looking for lost souls🧟‍♂️, frustrated heroes🦹‍♂️ and new players☠ 100% war perticapation required if opted in🎆

The search for frustrated souls is never ending. Tired your alliance is not 100% perticapating in war ? not hitting the titans ? Unwilling to help each other out? Then we have a spot for you.

Bump bump :lizard::lizard::lizard::lizard::lizard::lizard::lizard::lizard::lizard::lizard::lizard::lizard::lizard:

Keeping it relevant :dragon_face::dragon_face::dragon_face::dragon_face::dragon_face::dragon_face:

We have open spots come join us for some fun

Opening for a laid back group who take killing titans and war seriously. New comers welcomed

War perticapation getting you down? Lack of hits on the ole titan from your alliance? Players not giving a hoot ? Then we have the cure for your blues. Join the Misfits of Death for an interactive experience, you won’t be sorry.

Come on in and give us a try. Laid back active group taking on all types.

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