☠ the Misfits of Death☠ currently has openings. Looking for lost souls🧟‍♂️, frustrated heroes🦹‍♂️ and new players☠ 100% war perticapation required if opted in🎆And hit those titans🐲

Due to a recent beheading on an inactive dirty flea bitten deserter, we have an opening for an active player, emphasizing on active.

I guess you’re full again. Let me know after war if interested. Lvl 33, 3800 tp, average between 1900 and 2100 cups currently. Very active and chatty. Have line.

Hi @LadyRobynHood , We have one spot that just opened up today.

Still one spot open , don’t let war get you down, join an alliance where our goal is to use ALL flags

Thank you for considering me. I found another home. May the boards be ever in your favor.

One spot open, help us take it to the next level

Looking for one active member

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