The minions....what is the real power?- HP, Attack... blocking?

the minions, besides having life and attack, also generate a defensive “wall” to the hero?


The easiest way to explain minions is HP added on top of a hero’s current HP, thus adding benefit for heroes at 20% HP and 100% HP unlike immediately healing or Heal Over Time which have optimal conditions. Unlike a defense team center, minions do not block anything.

A minion with 110 HP gives a hero +110 HP.

Guaranteed bonus tile damage

One disadvantage minions have is you cannot match while they are firing. This is by design. Attack type minions are the only colored damage in the game except matching tiles in the board.

They do not get combo bonuses, or color stacking ( which would make them much more popular against titans), but they get strong, neutral and weak attacks.

This is why special minions that give Healing, Mana, etc. are generally more popular because titans are King in Empires.

Coding note: I suspect the Devs are just using the matching tile damage subroutine and have simply tweaked the attack power input.


This is a smart and helpful answer, except:

Titans are poop. I can say this now that I am no longer humiliatingly bad at them, and have evolved to being mediocre. Titans are duller than farming.


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I never said Titans are “good” Kings.

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[Suggestion] Baby Titan


Can we get a full list of heroes with minions and their specials? I need somebody with good hero info :slight_smile:

Red Hood
Mother North

Any others I’m forgetting? Who does have the best minions special?

Do you mean 4*+, or all minion producers?


20 characters

rudulph the red nose rais deer and his minions
3 star red,
and a 3 star green brienne
whos second abbillty from tallent grid helps spew out more minions

and any druid class :smiley: tallent gridds

I meant 4*+ and which minion is the strongest for attacking, which helps the most in raids :slight_smile:

Minion hits also do not give the enemy mana (unlike tiles).

Not counting druid class, here are all the minion related heros (hope i didn’t miss anyone):

Thoth-Amun (attack)
Delilah (attack)
Red hood (heal and blocks mana cuts)
Mother North (attack)
Santa Claus (attack)
Inari (attack and generates mana)
Queen of hearts (attack and taunts)

Buddy (attack)

Rudolph (attack)

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Can you combine minions?

Kono, yes you can have more than 1 minion per hero, up to 3 and it can be a combo of the same hero (3x1) or have 2 different hero’s with minion specials and have a 2&1

Minion Heroes is a hero category on the wiki.

I don’t know enough about the minions directly, however, to create an actual Minions page. Would love it if someone would register with Fandom and do so for us. :slight_smile:

What level or chapter does that happen? Also, how do i get rid of all the excess 1star minions? Better yet, can i enhance minions like heroes and get better stats for them?

Also, thank you for the info.

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