The minion scene is getting worser

With the new penolite and Jan 2022 hotm viscaro, minion summoners are just sadly stomped on yet again. Can they start adding proper effects (and not niched ones) for minions so as to justify their existence and not have them be just meatshields?

Eloise (beta, alliance quest) and topaz (beta, ninja tower) serve to reinforce your point that the minion meta may be shifting

Meta definitely seems to be shifting more towards Fiends than Minions now, although they are releasing more counters to each one.

SGG is paying FAR more attention now to which heroes appear “too much” for their liking ever since the GTV controversy that engulfed the game when Telly & Vela came out. They learned their lesson and if def. seems like if they see too much of the same hero on defense they release more counters to them in order to ensure some balance and never have to deal with that situation again.

well as soon I see minion hero at tank position - I won :slight_smile:
frank, skadi laught in their faces…

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Is it getting worser or is in fact getting worserist…lol

Exactly. The minions ought to be able to give some sort of curse or blessing when they are hurt based on their owner’s color. I.e Red hero minion causes burn or purple poison.