The Mighty Pints - Training Alliance

Now that our main alliance is almost full, we’re ready to start filling up our training alliance. Both groups are in the same Discord server, so there’s ready advice from very experienced players. Learn, grow, go to war, kill titans, & have fun with a great international group of folks!

We ask for:
:trophy: trophies of 1k
:mage: Daily participation in-game
:beers: Must join our Discord
:grinning: That’s it!!!

Come say hi at, or knock on our door in-game at The Mighty Pints

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The Mighty Pints are on your path to greatness! As one of our SMB mates says “I have to warn you, if you are looking for a boring, non-communicative group of jerks, who pass on all titans and don’t have a war strategy, we’re the wrong place.” :laughing:

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