The Mighty Insurrectionists


Highly active and competitive new alliance has openings! We are Mighty Insurrectionists and are currently killing 10* titans, but should be on to 11* soon. We are very active and coordinate extensively during war.

We are seeking:
2000 trophies, but most are closer to diamond
3400 team power
30 usable heroes for war
Discord is required for communication

Contact @kahlan amnell insurrectionists#1675 on Discord or kahlanamnellepires on Line for further information! Any more general questions can be left here.

Safe travels!


Hey all!

Couple of corrections to the above:

  1. We are now fighting 11* Titan
  2. Kahlan’s Line ID is kahlanamnellepires

We still have 2 spots left. If interested, let us know.

Happy hunting all!


A bit more about Mighty Insurrectionists

We are helpful and fun, very encouraging, and did i mention we’re taking down 10-11* titans with only 28? We are fairly new - 3 weeks old or so, and we will be rising to the top soon.

Come join the fun!


We could use one more!
contact: kahlan amnell#1675 on discord or kahlanamnellepires on LINE chat.


When full, we are top 100. Join now and be part of an amazing team!


We are now killing more 11s than before!


We have 1 spot available. Currently named 9th Circle of Hell - We had a contest to rename temporarily if we won wars. We did. Name will be back to Mighty Insurrectionists next week. Mighty Insurrectionists is still Mighty, no matter what you call it.


Back to Mighty Insurrectionists - Let me know if you want to apply! 2 rare spots open!