The merits of spirit link


Hi there folks! I am wondering on your thoughts on spirit link. I know its a great defensive ability but now with the higher slash frequency im not sure how great. My case is i sub kailani in on defense for scarlett. Thinking maybe with her high attack (have her maxed at tier 3) if it wouldn’t serve me better to put scarlett back in my defensive lineup. Thanks again for your thoughts. Always such great help here!


First of all AFAIK the only heroes that have it are 3* (one blue and one yellow), so that’s the first problem. It is a pretty awesome ability if you can get it up early, which leads to the second and third problems: it’s a slow ability, which totally sucks when attacking in raid but isn’t as much of a problem for a defense team. And finally, if you’ve got a bunch of red heroes and spirit link goes up, it can kill a bunch of them, but that’s fairly rare.

So it’s a cool ability. If you’re running mostly 3* put it in your defense team. But if it was average speed and there were 4*s that had it it would be much better.


Just for a giggle, read my Fanfiction story about Spirit Link. It’s on here in Community Content. :slight_smile:


Spirit link literally drag me at the end of rare quests/world map, even with an underpowered team.

So i love it :slight_smile:


Interesting. I’ve never used spirit link on offense. Might mess around with that for fun. The problem is i could just swap scarlett back in for kailani to see how that goes on defense, except that i actually couldn’t see it.


Gunnar for example is a quality low to maybe 1200-1500 cups tank; no real experience with kailani.

They’re not so great above that: either higher ascension developed heroes just kill them outright, and later everyone has dispels to deal with it. Outside of tanking slow specials aren’t that fantastic unless your opponent can’t kill your tank anyway, then they’re pretty much win at that point.

I don’t think I’d have much of a use for spirit link with a 4 or 5* either personally: they’re based on the attacker not carrying a dispel or that dispel already being dead and there just isn’t the same criticality to getting them gone from an attacking perspective unlike some of the damage enhancers which now slashes are a problem.

Attacking though, 3* spirit link backed even by a 3* healer can survive a lot of things.


Good points all and making a good case for scarlett to get back into action on D. Thanks. Will definitely be holding onto kailani tho.


Most use I ever had for spirit link was when I was trying to take on the rare quest bosses before my teams could stand up to the one shot kill masters. Usually I didn’t try to keep Gunnar alive until the boss round. I would bring a scroll to resurrect him when the time came. Then kept him fed up on mana potions, had a couple healers backing me up, and 2 strikers. Spreading the damage out meant I could take a hit, heal, and keep going.


Did that woek for the purple bosses? Those with vampyric touch.

I mean, do they get less health back when damage is spread out using spirit link?


Honestly, I didn’t look for that at the time! All I knew is that no one hero took the full brunt of their hit, which is all I cared about!