The Masquerade - Come Lurk in the Night [Lvl 20 ~ 35]

The night is winding down, and those who remain murmur whispers of wine and rose petals. While our faces are hidden, you feel like you’ve known us forever. Did the curtains just move, or was that just your exhausted mind having some fun at your expense? You are drawn to a single empty chair in the shadows. Our Masquerade awaits you.

Accommodations have been prepared for two new guests. Come pay us a visit. The entertainment is to die for :wink:.

One of our esteemed guests seems to have retired early due to rather unusual circumstances. Perhaps you would like to join us in his stead? Surely you don’t want to stand out there in the rain all alone…

Oh my… someone has gone missing in the basement. No matter. We’ll just lock the door for safety considerations. Perhaps you would like to join our Masquerade in their stead? Most of us don’t bite :smiling_imp:.

Currently on 5 star Titans, and a war winning streak that you can really sink your teeth into. Just don’t mind the paintings if they start talking to you.

Someone stole all of the light switches and hid them. There is also an uncharacteristically large centipede on the loose. We need two people to help us find them.

Halloween is almost here! Come celebrate with us during our very special Masquerade. There is no better time to fight with our lively furniture, take a ride on the Roomba, or share champagne with your split personality. We simply provide the entertainment ;).images%20(1)

R.I.P our late fridge that passed away this morning due to water inlet valve complications after gagging on the butler. Lucky for you we now need a new butler for our Masquerade. Must help purchase new fridge upon joining.000%20M%20Fridge

We found some eyes! Just enough to be souvenirs for two new members!

Do you enjoy long walks on the ceiling? The Masquerade is announcing the grand opening of the first ever ceiling lounge, complete with aquarium and shuffle board. Floor is lava? No problem! Join us, and you’ll never need to walk on the floor again!

Our adorable pet Fishy Balboa needs a loving caretaker. We are not liable for any injuries incurred while performing tasks associated with this once in a lifetime opportunity6bGFB

Madness awaits for two new members…

Do you know what this is? Neither do we! We have so much in common! Come play with us!Majestic%20jellyfish_7ef679_6516121

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